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WIP.....69 Daytona Pro Mod..Updated 10/28/10

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Well, I'm getting down to the smallest of details yet to get this one finished. The only major construction left is to scratchbuild the headers. You will see here that I have a mockup header done for the drivers side. When I do individual tubes I usually make a throw away set of headers in order to get all of the measurements and bends in the right places. They usually have flat spots or nicks from pliers or finger nails so even once I get the header done it can't be used. Once I get this done then I can create a good clean header without any of those issues.

Both doors are hinged and working and I went down to the local Radio Shack and picked up two packages of "Rare Earth" magnets to insert into the door jambs to help the doors stay closed. This is the first time trying to use these and they work perfectly. The ones that I used are 3/16" in diameter and just fit inside the door jamb and door panel. They hold the doors in place when shut but aren't so strong that you can't get the doors back open. A pack of two magnets only costs $2. Now that they are in and working I can clean up the area and paint the door panels.

I also finished the front suspension and added the fire extinguishers.






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Excellent work! It all looks like the real thing!

Where did you get the tires? Are they from a particular kit?

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Hello there friend! Gotta love this pro mod circuit! complete brute strength!! Your build up and attention to detail fits the bill!!!

Keep on wit the keepin on!!

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So, I finally decided to get to work on the body as I got tired of looking at a body in primer. I cut out the doors and prepped the body for paint. Applied the aluminum followed by masking, cutting and painting the Limefire Green color coat. This is a Dupli-color engine enamel. It's not as neon as it might look in the pictures as the flash added some of that effect. This is just in the rough stages still as I have to wait a couple of days and then wet sand any masking edges left behind and then start outlining and adding shadowing to create a three dimensional effect of the color coat being peeled away. Then I can start on the decaling process. The rear of the body will have a black Daytona wraparound stripe and the spoiler will also be black.




hey man nice build my name is travis my email is ti.money@hotmail.com can you help me on my pro mod build need some tips thanx man.

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