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making tires

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Their 23" empty rims might work, but I need 6. What I'm wanting to do is put semi wheels on dually that I'm building, but I need a really low profile tire. That's why I was asking about making some.

Thought...what about using that brush on electrical tape, and rolling another tire over it right before it fully set up to add a tread pattern. Has anyone tired this? I've got lots of wheels, but no tires. (those kits that come with 2 sets of wheels and one set of tires really frustrate me)

Thanks for the reply Zuk.

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The tires from AMT's Boyd-mobiles such at the 32 ford, will just about fit the old AMT semi-truck rims. They arent a perfect fit, but real close. And I bet that a lot of people have them sitting in their stash!

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