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Important - RWIS 8th Annual Classic Plastic Contest and Swap

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Fellow Modelers, I an Dan and I am one of the three directors of the Rockford Wheels in Scale Plastic Model Car Club. We have been running a Contest and Swap Meet for the past three years at the Ken Rock Community Center in Rockford, Illinois. This would be our fourth year having the show.

I would like to take this time to inform all people that were interested or considering in attending the Rockford Wheels in Scale 8th Annual Classic Plastic Contest and Swap meet.

The Event has been canceled for the 28th of January.

WE were informed at the beginning of the month when I was checking into the final verifications of the Rental Hall at Ken Rock Community Center. IT was double booked and we were bumped because they could not verify that we requested it. We had reserved this place last year but since there was nothing on record about our rental agreement. I have searched High and low along the same road corridor for places available during the 29th of January that would be able to incorporate the area we have been utilizing for the past three years. I was unsuccessful in finding a Rental Hall with in the same area and having the size requirements that we need. Some of you may have heard that had rescheduled it on the 11th of February. We had it as a tentative date, but was unable secure the date again because of it being booked over again.

I have to recheck on Monday to verify a possible dates in March. We have been assured that there will be no problem once the date has been finalized and secured. The contest maybe taking a hit also because of this unfortunate turn of events. If space availability issues a rise we will have modify the format of the contest from the way normal ones are done. The contest structure will be changed to a NNL style show. The Voting for the contest Classes will then be done buy the spectators.

Once I have established a solid date I will be posting the updated Information for you all to look into and to pass along to your fellow modelers that were or are interested in attending.

Thank you for your support,

Dan Myers

Rockford Wheels in Scale

Club Director

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