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Rommels Rod " inside pictures"

John Teresi

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Hello.....I started with the reissue Rommels Rod....... inspired by a Rommels Rod built up that I saw on The Coffin Corner.......and I don`t know the name of the builder....for there was no name.......anyway I opened the rear door and side door ......the hood is workable .....skeletons were re-worked and I added torn uniforms......added a radio and supplies that were sratch built.....tamiya dessert yellow paint and was weathered....to much to mention what I did to this thing......please check out the outside pictures I posted too........ thank`s for looking.









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I have seen the photos you refer to... I think you topped them! Outstanding detail. Rommel & Skully are perfect!

"Skeletons are NOT pure white... exhibit A!"

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Hi John this is an excellent build, cant believe we havent meet at any shows in the past hope to meet you soon now that im out of retirement, just wanted to say ive seen your work in magazines and it superbly done. take care and keep up the good work. Romell R.

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That is just outstanding work! But then again I was looking at some of your other posts, and it looks like all your models are outstanding!

The level of detail in the Rommel's Rod is phenomenal! -Larman

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