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new to the forum so far so good lots of nice models,LOTS of great ideas!! I only build models in the winter, That osh kosh build up is awesome. I kept seeing the company STS mentioned could some one get me the web address. Currently Iam workin on an early 359 pete the wrecker kit,bought it many moon ago. Iam building the truck as a road hauler,Iam keeping the wrecker body for a kit bashing,Iam using the autocar dump chassis and cab. My plans are for a 6 wheel drive recovery vehicle. will post some pics of my pete soon. Thank you all Bob.

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Welcome to the forum! I'm relatively new here as well, but here is the link to Spaulding Trading & Shipping that you wanted:


You also might want to check out Truckmodeler.com at http://tahlborn.web.aplus.net/TMC/tmc_title.htm He has a lot of links on his site for truck companies, modeling links, and other cool things. Also, if you have ANY Peterbilt questions, Tim's the man to ask. (Sorry, Tim, had to throw that one in there!)


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Hey Guys, :D Welcome to MCM Forums where the water is clear, the girls straight and the beer is always cold!

Only two rules:

No posts that contain flaming, bad words or other non-family oriented speech n’images.

Please post your first and last name so we all know who you guys are. We do this if you register with a "handle" Jim B... you were sooooo close :)

Best way to do this is to put your real name in the Signature Text box found in your Profile section of this forum.

Thank you for complying with these simple rules. Have a great time.... and don't pinch the waitresses either.


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