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Planning my first truck but kinda over my head. Help me out!

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I have one of the Model King Mack DM800s that I want to build. I know what color I want to make it, but that's about it. It's way more complex then anything I've ever done before and not sure how to go about it.

What color is the engine? THe chassis?

The color is going to be Radiation Purple from Black Gold.

I plan to eventually have it pulling a car hauler, but that's a long way off, I havn't even purchased the trailer yet.

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I used to know what colour Mack painted it's own engines but you could go with several colours for stock engines. Example: Cummins tends to be a sand colour. Detroits can be either light green or silver and this is a very rough list.

The chassis cab be any colour you want Billy.

A DM800 is overkill for a car transporter but go for it! It's YOUR model afterall.

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The engine in the Mack DM800 would be gold in color. The transmission black.

Mack interiors for those days would be a kind of light mint green. Think of an old school bus interior.

Floors rubber black, seats dark brown/black.

When MPC originally did the kit, they chromed a bit too many pieces for a working Bulldog, like the engine parts. fuel tanks, battery boxes.. these typically were painted items on Macks.

The fit of the cab/hood will cause you some frustration, so you'll have to test-fit several times. Somehow the hood/fenders always looks a bit crooked.

Chassis color: Standard was black. colors were optional.

Body color? Your choice!

Post any questions you have! I just finished one of the ModelKing reissues as a Highway Department tractor, mine is box-stock but weathered.


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The DM800 is a heavy-spec'd tractor, the suspension is meant to haul heavy loads. In 1:1 scale the DM800 would be too 'strong' to be a car hauler. That spring ride might shake the cars apart. (lol)Unless you swapped the Mack "Camelback" suspension (called such because it resembleds a camels back) for an air ride from a Peterbilt kit.

For a Car Hauler, I'd suggest the Peterbilt 359 (revell or upcoming Monogram) or a Revell Kenworth K100 COE.


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Mackinac is right about the springs.I am a truck mechanic for Ryder contracted to Tyson foods.I work on the trucks that they use to haul chickens and they are CH series Macks with camel back springs,tough as nails but rides like ######! LOL.I would use the air ride from the Pete 359 also.

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Guest tonyboy


If you remember the red GMC cabover at Masscar that Joe built, you might even want to consider that as a car hauler truck as well. It fits fairly well and where it is a cabover you won't have the problem of aligning the hood and fenders with the cab. The guys are right about the DM being a tuff model to build and it is better suited for a dump trailer than a car hauler. The photo of Tim's DM with the dump trailer that is in another post on the board will give you an idea of what every one is talking about. Just my thoughts.....

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Thanks guys! I saw the Macks on Made In America last night on travel channel and it made me want to tear into it even more!

I would never have guessed a gold engine, I like that as I enjoy painting things gold.

I planned this one for hauling cars mainly because I have it already! That was pretty much the deciding factor for that...LOL.

I'd want to actually learn what I'm doing before I try any conversions like that, and considering that this is one of only two trucks I have (the other being the US Mail set from 03) I'd have to shell out the money just to rob parts. Something that's not so easy for me to do, as whenever I try doing that, I always get an idea and end up building the so-called donor kit! (Usuaully finishing it long before I make any headway whatsoever on the original project!)

I'll be starting this one as soon as I finish some of the things on my bench. It's gotten to the point now, that I have so many started bodys that I need to make room before I start anything else!

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Hi There,

I have built this model many times and I'm told the motor is painted gold.

If you can strip the chrome the engine does look good.

I have always painted the chassie black.

Interesting to note the mixer version on the box art is white.

Once again I painted mine black.

Good luck with your build.

By the way I've been building model trucks for nearly thirty years and the DM800 was my second build.

The little picture you see is my latest build with many changes.

I hated sanding the chrome but the kit has far to much chrome but the job was well worth it.


John Wilson

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