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Resin Website Definitive list?

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Is there a definitive list of all resin websites? As my signature now states, I'm just getting into resin building. It took me long enough, I've been buying them since 2002 and it was my 2006 New Year's Resolution. I've been working with the for the past three days and I have a whole bunch more to clean. Right now I've got soaking:

MCW 77-80 NASCAR Oldsmobile

Perry's Resin 04-05 NASCAR Ford

MCW 66 Nash Ambassidor

RMR Willys Jeep Wagon

and I've already cleaned

Modelhaus 48 Tucker

MCW 76-80 NASCAR Chevy

Missing Link 65 Mustang Fastback

Modern Motorsports 2003 NASCAR Pontiac

and a bunch of loose parts.

So, Now I'm wanting to peruse resin websites to see what else I can get myself into. I've got to say, when I finish one of them, I will be very proud of myself as this was/is a major hurtle for me. Now, I have a whole new world open to me and the sky is the limit! (well, that and my usually empty wallet!)

This is the last big step and I'm really excited.

The Tucker, MM Pontiac and MCW Monte Carlo should be primered later today, provided it ever stops raining. The Tucker is also going to be my first Documented Replica build, provided I can get the Tucker logo I need made up.

Sorry to ramble, but I'm really excited about all this. Thanks in advance!

I'm looking for currently active websites, sorry, I should have included that originally!

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Thanks Dave, I got your site in my inbox within 10 minutes of posting that! I didn't see Modern Motorsports on there....


I spent about 3 hours rooting around on your site...

Steve, forgot the linK!!

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