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I'm really not sure why I haven't told everyone about the club that I belong to, but, stand-by :

Scale Auto Builders Association ( SABA ) just celebrated its 25th anniversary. We are not a large club. The orginizational meeting had about 7 members present, of which 3 are still active with the club. We seem to average about 35 members with a cool 20 to 25 members showing up for the meetings every month. We meet the second Sunday evening of each month. Officially the meetings start at 7PM but members start showing up a little after 6. Supposedly the meetings are over at 10PM but you know how that goes when a bunch of car nuts get together. We have a regular set of by-laws and our dues are $24.00 per year. We are also registered with the state of Oregon as a non-profit organization. Along with voting on which model is best at every meeting, we also have quarterly themes. panel deliveries, pick-ups, etc. All votes are tabulated each meeting and the January meeting culminates in the naming of the best model builder of the year. We also vote on the best model of the year. Out side activities include supporting one of the "Boys & Girls clubs in Portland. We do seminars in the LHS through out the year ( atleast 10 ). We have, in April, an NNL ( we call it a model fest but with the same concept ) complete with a swap meet. Our biggest event of the year is the Portland Classic, A model contest occuring in conjunction with the nationally famous Portland Roadster Show. This is the 51st show for the Roadster Show and the 36th year for the Portland Classic. This contest is the oldest, continious, contest in the United States, and possibly the world.

You might recognize the names of some of our members:

Jarius Watson

Wayne Stevens

Dave Susan

just to name a few. Wayne and Dave have won several awards at the GSL and we all know who Jarius is. (Or you better know)

All these listed activities are making me tired so with that I am gonna stop. If I have piqued your curiosity about a question or two please contact me. We may not be from the goverment but we are still here to help.

Bob :shock:

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