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im building a diorama for an art gallery in hawaii

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the ground is where im stuck i havent came up with how i should do the ground.above the whole diorama is going to be a highway scene and street racing crash.so far ive just layed out the peices i have about 2000$ worth of stuff coming im just looking for a sponsor to help pay for things as this is expensive lols

mudders is a filthy old redneck junkyard where bikers find sexy woman and all the slop they can roll in.the highway obove looks down into a bikers hell and cars worst nightmare.this diorama is going to be featured in a local newspaper and showcased and displayed in a local art gallery here in hawaii.Please any suggestions or comments greatly appreciated be truthful if something needs help looks off or wrong tell me as this will be in an art gallery please remember though im only 20% done so it dont look to real like yet everything is 1:24 scale

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if you want ground making tips, visit a model armour forum. (oh sins of sins to say that lmao) lets face it, the armor biulders are alot better at biulding dioramas than most car modelers. pick up a few tips there, and youll be set.

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