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"Gold Digger" NEED PICS

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Hello all!!!! I am MAYBE half way done with my Dart and starting to look for ref. pics and parts and supplies for my next model as it will take me A LONG TIME to build. the car I am doing is this years 2010 Ridler Award winner "Gold Digger" it IS THE most beautiful car I have seen built TO DATE. I have found a lot of pics of her I can not find anything on the chassis. :rolleyes: I e-mailed the builder T&T customs in Canton GA and am trying to get some from them... no luck yet. anyways here is a quik pic of her.




please help me out here guys. lets ee what we can find

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Posted (edited)

I have been fortunate in getting help from various car owners, museums and photographers, whom I contacted directly, and which I never expected. Just tell them what you're looking for and why.

Contact info for T&T Customs, which you may already have (I know you found e-mail, but you might just call):

T & T Customs

(770) 479-7637

215 Hickory Springs Ind Dr

Canton, GA 30115

These people did the interior and have some shots on their site:


You may already have some of these shots...




About the paint:


"Gold Digger was built by Ted Thomas of T & T Customs, in Canton, Ga. Thomas and his crew selected Vibrance Collection® coatings by PPG to give the car its glowing look, then applied their own twist to the Vibrance Collection yellow coatings and Crystal Pearl® coatings to create the car’s distinctly radiant gold luster."

Hopefully, you may find something new here, but it sounds like you've really done your homework.

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1933 Ford Phaeton - Gold Digger

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thanx guys these are a help. i should just try to call them and see where i get. you guys have been a great help.

Bobby Jernigan

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