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Well, I'm not sure, because it's build which is allowed to this build but if I say "yes" I'm afraid that there comes 10 just finished builds... Not sure about it... But one thing, I'm sure. If you build another one and post some pictures from it to this topic, then you are in and I think that if you build another one, I will get you in with that Monogram 1952 Midget also. But I think about it. :lol:

Thank you for your reply Niko. I was just curious. I'll try to get one finished in time. Right now I've got to many other projects going. Thanks again for the reply.

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I was happy with the testors decal maker til, I put the decals on and found that the white didn't appear. I've had to follow up with paint and it needs a second coat. :lol:

The white probably didn't appear because the paper may have not been paper with a white carrier. If I do remember those Testors decal kits correctly, they only came with clear decal paper. Since most all home printers don't print white, the white areas will be clear unless you have a paper with a white carrier.

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WOW, that looks very good!!! Very nice paintjob on it and decals are nice also.

Today, I'm going to get Fairy Power Spray, then I'll try to strip the paint off from the Corvette. Now I think, I'm going to start building from other parts...

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Thank you, Keith and Greg for entry! You are in.

That Regal looks really good with those tires and wheels, it's going to be very interesting project. Here in Finland, on the 80's were two Buick Regals with six cylinder engine, they ran in Stock. (Drag Cars). Have no idea, where they are right now... Your project looks good to me.

That Toyota project looks very interesting too, I'm not a fan of those, but when it's a race car, it's very interesting. There are not so many parts in the kit, or is there everything what comes with the kit in the picture.?

Now just waiting for more pictures from every build here...

Corvette is still waiting, but still lots of time left to build it.


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i didnt take a pic of like 2 or 3 parts trees. it comes with a fairly nice detailed interior bucket, roll cage, kind of a working suspenion, but no engine. luckily i have one that does come with an engine that ill be using. most of whats in the pics are what ill actually be using. the kit also comes with stock interior parts, like front seats ect. the only thing i don't like is the lack of N2 race parts. a fuel cell would have been nice, other than that. its an average kit from aoshima.

heres the look im going for. there are no reference pics of the actual car, so ill be using magazines that i have of these cars as reference

there is no logo of wheel company. so im using thes SSR MKIII's on slicks. although im not to fond of the front, so i might have to snag the wider 2 from another wheel kit i have.


started on the header, using 1/16" solder. long runner(equal length) header. very popular way to extract HP from these little 1.6 4 bangers.



tape was there to just hold them in place as the CA glue dried.

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Allright, I add you to entry list. Thank you for entering.

I started sanding to my Corvette. It looks good when all the paint is sanded off... Maybe I get tomorrow time to finish it up and start building the body too. I painted the engine with red already. More coming soon, I think.

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Here is the first update to my Corvette! So, it's going to be Roadsport V8 race car. I like that race class, there are V8 engine powered American cars, like Camaro, Corvette etc. Few years ago there was also Buick Special, but now that guy has new car, '67 Camaro and he is driving Historic category, for now...

But, this body is AMT's "Eckler Corvette", and it has been few months in MR Muscle, but the paint didn't leave from the body... Well, I bought Fairy Power Spray, which is very good stuff, I've heard. After about one month, nothing happened! Well, only choice was to take sandpaper to hand and remove paint like that... Paint left pretty well from passenger's side, but the driver's side was very very hard, now the body looks better, and I'm going to take sheet styrene and start doing little modifications to it.

Here is the body, when I got it.


After few months in MR Muscle and one month in Fairy Power Spray:





I have put some putty to the dashboard:



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Update to my Roadsport V8 Corvette. In the backside of the body, there was one part broke two pieces. I glued that thing back together with superglue. Now I must sand some parts to body, like frontend and taillight panel, for example. I built engine a little too. I had painted the block by red long time ago, and now I just painted transmission by silver and cylinder heads and manifold are siver too. And valve covers are painted by Humbroll Polished Aluminium, they are original BBC's valve covers, but that doesn't matter. They can be some aftermarket aluminium covers, which are looking like stock. :)




I also glued these parts to the body, they are clear, but I will paint them with the same color as the body.



This is the 50th post in this topic, and this topic has now 2000 views! :blink:

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I was thinking about that it would be good to remove that deadline? Maybe then it would be easier to build that model (I'm not going to say that I have somekind of problems with my Corvette, everything is ok). Then maybe some less "Nowimustfinishthisbuildbecausethedeadlineistomorrow!!!!" Then no hurry with these ones, if there are any problems, lots of time to fix them etc. Now, deadline is December 31 2011, that would be the last day to join in, so no deadline...?

PLEASE tell me if that thing is not good or if it is very good idea, then I can think about, what I am doing.

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