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Started this one about a year ago using an AMT 29 Ford roadster kit I picked up at the 09 Kustom Kemps Lead Sled Spectacular in Salina, Ks. After a year of off and on building, she's finally done. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very good today, so I had to settle for some indoor shots with less than ideal lighting. I appreciate everyones interest that followed along with my WIP. It can be seen here:








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Looks terrific, Alyn. A truly epic build! Super stance, cool concept and, of course, great details. B):lol: Just how great the detail and construction of this model is can only be appreciated by going to the workbench thread Alyn included above. So much of this model is handcrafted and scratch built. If you didn't follow along don't miss it now, it's worth the visit!

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This is not amazing or awesome... Because it's something more than amzing or awesome! This is so nice, that shiney paintjob with those little rust holes is very good. That engine is very good looking, all those colours are in right place and it's just so good. Detailing is perfect on this and that all weathering is looking right. Great old school styled Budget Hot Rod. Great job with this. Thank you for sharing this one!!! :):blink:

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thanks, y'all for the generous words of encouragement.

Mike, when I look at this car, I can picture Bud from the old "Father Knows Best" sitcom (black and white TV days) hopping over the door. The side pipes, if you saw my original black and white photo, were on the original car. I embellished them a bit with the heat wrap. The door handles were purposely left off, with the holes left intact.

David, build the '34. Those trucks have a great cool factor.

Joe, I hope you can get some ideas from my car. Most everything I know about building models was learned from others on the internet. "Search" and ye shall find.

Curt, I'd love to see what you'd come up with. I'll be looking for the WIP. Don't forget to add TxRat to your list. His latest, the tight little green roadster, is a super cool looking rod. And Chuck Most has been turning out some cool stuff. His weathering skills are growing by leaps and bounds. Chuck, I just caught your post on the 1 cylinder horizonal engine. So simple, but so cool. The weathering on that little thing is fantastic.

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