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1969 Ford Mustang mach 1 Cobra jet

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this is revell newer release from july, done in tamiya italian red.

the hood stripe was a pain, i've never done so much measuring and testing in my life. they should have include the whole stripe, not just the pinners.

got the stencile taped out:


got the black painted, a little messy and un even, but it will all work out.:


decal on, and opps my measurement was off a tad. ill touch up the paint before clearing.:


clear is on, a bit rough, but the flat clear will take care of it.:


now to mask and flat clear the stripe ... i think it came out great, so much work for one stripe.


got the interior done, just simple semi-gloss black to simulate a vinyl interior. they didn't include wood grain decals like in the new 1970 mach/boss kit, but i used three shade of brown to achieve the look :)




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Looking good so far. The interior looks terrific, especially the woodgrain trim.



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update #2

this so is going together very fast.

chassis, not done, but close:


the stripe is on, need to re-do panel lines.


the tamiya shine, no clear, no wet sand, straight from the can


dullcoated wheels:


engine almost done:


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The paint came out very nice. Another option on the hood stripe would be to polish out all the paint. Lay down the stripe decal and clear over that,then mask off for the black. That could have been the flat black and you would be done.


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