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Nice Tires for Revell Snap-tite kits

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I'm frustrated with the ill fitting tires in the new Revell Snap-tite Pete & KW so I came up with an easy fix.

Most of the trailer kits I have come with nice Goodyear tires so with a little adjustment, I swapped them.

Trailer tires on left .................. Revell tractor tires on right ...


First cut the centers out of the tractor tires on a slight bevel ...


Then fill them with 3/8 foam backer rod ...


Cut the centers out of the trailer tires flush with the bead and assemble both sets of wheels completly.


Then stretch the truck tires onto the trailer wheels with the cut side to the outside ...

... and the trailer tires onto the truck wheels with the cut side to the inside ...

... and you're done ... with good looking tires on your truck and decent tires on your trailer..


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I bought a bunch of these kits when Micheals had 1/2 price coupons. It seems that about 1/2 of the kits come with tires that will work acceptably. The other half are hopelessly distorted. I have modified some of the wheels to work with Italeri tires, which I have from the truck conversions kits. But that's a great idea, the bead backer! I'll get some next time at Home depot. Thanks for the tip. Dan

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FYI - the foam rod comes in many sizes and can be used on any hollow tire. I started using it on 1/8 scale builds. It also keeps them from going flat on the shelf over time.

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Thanks for this tip !   


Nice. The thread is almost 7 years old and the OP hasn't been around for over 3 years....

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