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hi guys! im new here from GA, im not really into models but i do midify 1/28-1/25 scale rc car bodies for racing chassis like Mini-Z and xmods and sometimes i even modify model car bodies to fit on them. i am not the best but i want to get better so i decided to join a forum full of the very best. and i would also like to learn to make realistic decals

a bit about me: im 15 and love old school JDM but my all time favorite car manufacture is BMW, im currently saving up for a E30 M3, 325 or 328 I/IS to build as a autocross car and weekend destroyer but my current car is a 1998 mercury mountaineer with a 302

here's some on my work:

Nissan Skyline R34 drift


when i first bought


after spraying paint (after sanding it down to bare plastic)


current (having to rebuild the front lower bumper)


what it will look like

Nissan Skyline R34


not started yet (grey one)


will look like

thanks for having such a great community! i can post a build thread for the current R34 if you'd like

P.S. some of you mite know me from other forums as "Winner", lol the username thing got me mixed up LOL

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Hey there, don't let him bother you. Plus it's somewhat slow around here right now. If you want to get a feel for the place, check out the chat where you can get to know some people in real time!

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