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1966 Buick Bonneville "Lakester"

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Hello......this is a replica of my fathers 'Lakester" that he made and raced back in the 60`s........I built this about 3 years ago......everything is scratch built ....... except a few parts from parts box.......Dupont Jarret red.......wired and plumbed.......thank`s for looking......P.S. I have also posted pictures of my fathers real car......thank`s











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That sure must have been quite a handful at speed running over the salt flat. Great looking build, as usual John. Very reminiscent of the garage built lakesters, built back in the '40's, '50's and '60's. Those guys were the real pioneers of the hot rod and drag racing community. They blazed whole new paths with ingenuity, sweat and, in some cases, blood. Very impressive looking build.

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wow that is unreal! when you said "buick bonneville" i got the entirely wrong idea!!!

what was the history of the car? got any photos from back in the day?

very very nice build there of a unusual subject!

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Did he happen to leave you a set of plans John....or was this from memoryohmy.gif....incredible as always man!!

Brian this build was a gift to my father for his birthday a couple of years ago.......my uncle had some photos of it that I went by for reference and from memory ......I will dig them out and post them......thank`s Brian and everyone else for the kind comments.

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