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Paulie Hauling's "Love Machine"

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Hi, dear friends.

I decided to start this poject, as I was thinking it over for a long time.

Here it is, behind the Dimond.


With the Rubber Duck:


And here is the Paulie :) :


I plan to start with this pair of boxes:


And here is small progress:


The frame.


I plan to make steerable front axle.


And some semiassemblies.

Now I need more reference pictures. I tried to search on TruckPaper and eBay and havent found Cruiseliners. I have broshures from PublicFotki, but I need more: more chassis pictures (perhaps made in repair process). I need to see power steering location, axles and suspension details, e.c. Can you help me with this?

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You have to watch some reference photos due to in some scenes it was a K100 Kw painted and mocked up like the Cruiseliner. some photos may be inaccurate.

Yeah. Thank you. I know that. But I still need some Cruiseliner chassis photos.

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Hi, friends.

Some progress with steering axle:


I used some pins


steering axle in action:


Couple views:


Here is the reference picture from Cruiseliner broshure:


Cruiseliner steering box is located right on front axle. I guess the movment from steering wheel goes to steering box through cardan shaft (marked with red arrow). As the shaft extends, when the cab tilts - it should be something like telescopic shat. Am I right?


Drive axles and photo etched bolt heads:


Brake chambers with pins too:


Rear cab bracket sat too free on the frame. So I used couple pieces of styrene (marked with red circles).


The frame again:


Happy New year!

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Outstanding craftsmanship Sergey! You see alot of replicas of the duck but not too many of the other trucks in the movie which personally I find more interesting. I wish my eyesight was as good as yours, the detail on the rear axles is amazing!


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This is going to be an exceptional build. I like all the little details that you are putting into this. I had no idea that Mack fitted the stearing gear to the axle on the Cruiseliner. Pretty unique feature.

Thanks for sharing.


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We don't have many coe macks here in australia , but the steering on most coe's go down to a shaft that slids over another shaft that has like splines ,so when you do tilt the cab it slids up and down .

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Give the museum a little time. I requested some info from them on some firetrucks. It took about 4 weeks, but I recieved a stack of info 1/2" thick!!! Well worth the wait!

Thank you, Dave. The museum answered and I could continue, so I finished working drive axles, like Semi Trailer Mechanic. We both think the same way and same time, though I needed more time to make it tidy:

First I filled brake chamber mounting holes (consider teir location wrong) and made new ones :


Here is how they should be from Cruiseliner broshure.


I here is how I made camel back suspension. 0,8 styrene strips were used for springs:


Here I cut original suspension for axle brackets and center point hub.


I found Mack Center point suspension on line:


Here is the jig to glue and shape springs:


The idea is: spring ends sit inside brackets free. Pins (marked with red circles) are hold springs in place:


Of course we need working shock absorbers here. So I used brass tubes:




Shock absorber:


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Here is the jig to solder a lug to bigger tube:


Tubes a little smaller in diametr, but slide each other perfectly:


I didn't like kit's cardan shafts:


So I modified one. Cooper wire, cooper sheet, brass tube and plastic rod were used:


Here are cross pieces and U-brackets:


Feel the difference:


The result:


The other hand:


All driving wheels are touching the ground :


Here is U-bolts on front axle :


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Выдающиеся работы

Now that is some very nice detail, and well worth spending the time to do it,

Nice jig for the shocks,( if you use aluminium tube to hold the brass parts together the solder will not stick to it, also makes a good spacer if you are holding 2 parts together and need a space while soldering),

as they have turned out very nice, as did the drive shafts

look forward to more updates as you make more progress

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Jbot makes the decals for this truck.......... nice work so far looks AWESOME!

Thanks Doug. I knov that. Jim makes the decals for this truck 4 years already and still haven't made them. I decided to make my own one.

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