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Paulie Hauling's "Love Machine"

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Hey friends! Look what I've done! This is the first version of accumulator terminal


I didn't liked it, so I remade them:


Here it is on wheels!:


Do not pay attention to wires (rubbers). I will put them in place later. :)



There are ties for hoses. I tired to fasten tose ties. They often tear at hole walls, which are 0.1mm sometimes:


Desided to make door upholstery:


...and sits too:


It looked just like that in the movie:


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Thank you my friends for kind words!

Of course I will take it to model show, that starts in two months. I hope I'll be in time.

Let's continue!

For those who will follow my footsteps: bear in mind that exhaust pipes are slightly short from a turbine to left silenser. I was have to join two pipes using 5 min. epoxy with 2mm gap between pipes. This space was covered by a clamp:


Last time I've forgot to show a plumbing to oil warning sensor, speed sensor and clach hose:


There are silensers, air hoses and cab jack rams were added:



Couple general viwes



Now let's make fuel tanks. Here you can see what have I used:


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Sergey, please take this in the good way that I mean it... You, Sir, are a MANIAC!!! You have more talent nin your little finger than I have in my entire body... Every time I look at this build, it blows me away. It challenges me to push the envelope of my own skill sets and reach to that next level! I have a K123 COE that I've started that I'm going to try plumbing and wiring the engine and chassis. This will be a first for me... Thanks for the inspiration!

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Thank you my friends!

I'm glad to be your inspiration Chris.

Finally the cab with it's full dress:



By the way the pink strip is 2mm short in the upper cab point. Note this fack who will use Jbot decals. I Added pieces from spare.

Fuel tanks and some chassis decals:



Feel free to ask questions.

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