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Paulie Hauling's "Love Machine"

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  • 1 month later...

Let's continue. I'll tell you how have I made the trailer. First I wanted to sand off vertical bars outside (lower wall) and glue the new one from inside to make it looks more like the trailer from movie.


It was a year a before. But couple months before I decided to make new side walls. Sheet styrene 0.5 mm was used for this plus evergreen profiles.


There is all that left of kit's side walls:


It was used as a base. To glue it all together I needed a jig. I used Polyvinyl chloride.


Now it's ready to use:


To be continued...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Let's continue

Dashboard and inside doors


I totaly forgot about the wall between sleeper and driver place when I was widen the tub. I already painted it red when realize my mistake. So I glued pieces of styrene (marked with arrows) to it...


...and applied black rubber band. It suit the style.


Uner wheel switches


Pedals separated and have axle, made form aluminium tube. The gear shift provided with divider. The blanket made of handkerchief.


The cab with tub. The windscreen inserted, moldings painted.


The air intake hose needed space so I was have to trim 10mm of right under cab rail (marked).




Feel free to ask questiones.

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That is AWESOME Sergey!!! Noticed though, the air horn lanyard on your truck is by the door frame. Remember in the movie, Pig Pen's was on his left side towards the middle of the cab.

I just watched the film again and noticed that too.

Thank you everyone!

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Well, as about the cattle trailer: some 1mm styrene was added along the bottom edge


Here are side walls outside...


... and inside


Now the bottom of the cab: some cross members (I guess) were added


Marked with arrows left to right and top-down: head light inserts, front fender footing, tub frame, styrene patch (there was a kit place for step), sun visors.


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Thank you Tim.

The bottom of the cab in color. Once again left to right and top-down: cab tilt hinges (soldered to a tub support beam), head lights and turn signals, gear shift under side, vinil mudflap, steps made of soldered and painted wire. By the way Alclad was partly wiped off, ehile I test fited & glued the step in place. Below I showed, where did I cut off a piece of frame for air cleaner hose in a moment of cab instalation.


Feel free to ask questiones.

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Sergey, you really do beautiful work! I have never seen so many details added to a basic kit. This replica is priceless! If I may, and I say this with humility, I only see one weaker point with the truck, and it's the kit wheels. These rims are way out of their league with the quality of work you have put into this Mack. AMT used these in all their truck kits with disc wheels and have seen their first use in the original AMT T500 Peterbilt California Hauler. They are way out of date and inaccurate with later model trucks like the Cruiseliner. A nice set of wheels,from either KFS, Ben Wicker or Michael Cherry (MCA) would work wonders and really be up to snuf with the rest of your build. But that is my 2 cents and I really like what you have done up to now, Whatever you do with it, it is going to be a knock-out! Show winning material for sure.

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Hey guys, could you give me some help. I'm writting an article about Love Machine and want to quote a Pig Pens words from the begining of a movie:
"This is answer Love Machine over here. Riding fastest live machine slim the high ball.
- it’s good, but from what I heard: “bulldog is pussy”.
- What!? You’re talking to me? Pussy? Hey I’m gonna …............................... trailer".

I can't spell some words. Underlined are words I'm doubted in.

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The following is the "edited" version of the CB conversation requested

I think folks can supply the un-edited word from their own imagination :)

Pig Pen: "This is the handsome love machine here, ridin' the fanciest Mack Machine the slab ever eyeballed."

Cotton mouth: "well, that's all well and good, but from what I hear, bulldogs is bark*"

Pig pen ( in disbelief what he just heard) "WHAT?!?"

scene cut to Rubber duck having a hearty belly laugh over that.

Pig pen (heard over radio in Lyle's car as he's setting up the radar equipment) "Is he talking to me about that bark-bark*stuff? Hey...I'm gonna grab that alligator head of yours... This here big Mack can take on any GMC on the road and be bitin' the a$$ of that raggety trailer"

Rubber Duck: "Well you aint about to ge me behind Pig Pen"

and yes, sadly, this was from memory...guess maybe I've seen it more than a few times...lol)


Edited by Brinx
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Without wanting to get into a willy waving contest. But i'm going to split hairs here, I think you'll find the lines are:

PigPen: "Is he talking to me with that pussy pussy thing? HEY! I'm gonna grab that alligator head of yours! This here big Mack can take anything! Any GMC on the road and be bitin the a$$ out of that raggety trailer!

Duck: Well you ain't about to get me behind you Pigpen.

The rest is cool Brinx :D

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