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1969 Camaro - Mainstream Sleeper Car


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Got a bit excited waiting for Santa and decided to build this to kill some time. This is the Revell Z 28 snap kit. I wanted to make the car a bit more "pedestrian" (but lethal – see the hood) and get away from the boy racer look that the Z cars sometimes portray with the stripes.

Here are the overall shots......



I used the excellent resin wheels and dog dish hub cabs from Don Holthaus and mounted them on some old Satco tires I had kicking around. The wheels should be body color but I reasoned that ralleys were painted Silver (Argent) any way so….. I added the valve stems from stretched sprue. f THe dog dish hub caps are actually for '75 and up but they seem to do the trick here quite nicely.....



The front shot:


The rear


I forgot to build some custom tips so I just painted the cast on pieces....they look ok for the most part....


The interior is quite nice if you spend a bit of time on it……


This was a fast and fun build .... one day start to post here....fun stuff….a little foil and some Tamiya perl green paint, license plates and a bit of detailing and done….. hope you like it.

Regards Bill (Duntov)

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Nice job on that build and I like the simple wheels!

I have built about 4 of those Revell snap '69 Camaros this year, mainly because I can slap them together pretty fast and they detail out nicely. I still have one of the glue together Revell '69 Camaros awaiting final assembly, something about the last 10% of building a model getting in the way!

Thanks for posting, maybe when it warms up here in Charlotte I will get another '69 body painted and go with the steelies and hub caps!

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