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69 yenko nova

Curtis v.

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i havent had a new kit in a while, and i wanted to build one really badly so i got one today and heres all the work done to it in just one day! its about 50-55% done right now





here is what it looks like now, the back axel isnt painted or glued on and the wheels arent on but i wanted to see how it sits, so basicly that but without back weels or a axle is where im at, hope you like it


sorry if i misspelled stuff, im tired and cant type haha

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k well, another boreing day today so i worked on this some more, all i did was put in the engine and drive shaft, put the decals on, and glue the interior tub to the chassis, and put the suspension and wheels on so here it is



shine with no clear or polishing at all, i used some quick detailer before the decals but thats it, the streaks you see are from wipeing the water off from the decals



still have to put in windows put in the radiator and hoses and put on the bumpers and lights and mirrors and windshield wipers so not too much. thanks for looking

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