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1/8 outlaw 10.5 '82 camaro


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thank you for the comments. cato, while i do get some things anodized, i did not anodize the bottles. i don't currently do my own anodizing but, i am investigating getting one of those do-it-yourself home kits. i think it would be kinda cool and ALOT cheaper.

Man-you NEVER sleep...

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How do you do the lenco name? Great work as always.

Mike Garland

Plastruct makes plastic letters in 4 different sizes, part number ( P/N 96001 code PABT-2 which are 1/16" in height; P/N 96002 code PABT-4 , which are 1/8" in height; P/N 96003, code PABT-6 which are 15/64" in height; and P/N 96004 code PABT-10, which are 25/64" in height.)

Most hobby shops do not carry the full line of Plastruct products, as they number in the hundreds. Their products can be bought through the internet, but I believe there is a minimum order.

You might also ask your local hobby shop to special order them for you, or you might try locating them at a model train store.

Hope this helps.


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What Roni said... This thing is amazing, I never really caught a grasp as to how big this really is until you had the engine in your hands... HOLY COW!!! That's HUGE, I wouldn't know where to display such a work of art but maybe a museum... :lol::D

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