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Goodguys '37 Ford Coupe - WIP!


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This is the one I mentioned that a bad paint job the first time 'round... After a few weeks in the DOT-3 bath, here she is now, almost done and in it's presentable mock-up stage!

Mostly OOB, except I removed the front window pillar (which came cracked right in the box... being it came with 2 windshelds (one with the aeras for the pillar, the other is smoothed out to use without the pillar) I used the second one because it looks cooler and you see it on some 1:1 cars.

BTW, the hood is a REAL pain to assemble (worse than the sedan I built). It didn't fit right and it would keep breaking off. After a little sanding, trimming, reglueing, and etc., it looks OK but I can live with it

Paint is Colorplace Gloss black polished out with toothpaste, and is topped with future floor wax:




It's almost done and when it is, i'll post pics ASAP... (and move it to the "Under Glass" section)

BTW, I realized my camara has a Marcro (or whatever it is) setting, and I notice the pics are coming out ALLLLLOT better than they were when I use it... So that should be an improvement on the quality of my pics.

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