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Hi guys.

I retook pics of my '53 Ford Pick-up again as you've probably seen. Did some mods like a Mopar suspension up front and a custom 4-link in the back, X-mods wheels with revell rubber and disc brakes, S-10 seats, side exhaust, custom 572ci HEMI with Webers; I also used the kits custom grile and rear fenders to give it a different look.

I BMF-ed the Bumpers because the half-tards at AMT didn't chrome them. Why did they do that?... who knows!





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Forgot to mention the paint on that one was Testors Star-spangled blue lacquer with future on top, hee hee.

Next up is a AMT/MPC Proshop issue '53 Ford Pick-up Flip nose i'm turning into a beater that's had alot of work done (mechcanical wise).

It's only in the rough WIP stage right now, and is a side project because I gots too much going on right now.


BTW, on one of the pics of the blue one, there was a small speck on the bottom of the rear fender... Though it I gots something on it but it was nothing.

When I make some progress on it, i'll get some pics of it up.

Now for a group shot:


Hope you like!

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Two very cool effies! That Trophy Series AMT kit is one of my all time favorites.

Oh, AMT probably didnt' chrome the bumpers because chrome bumpers weren't available on the F-series in 1953, but the flip nose version has chrome bumpers which fit the older kit just fine.

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