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Revell Edelbrock Midget

Art Laski

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I just wrapped up a new midget build from the kit that my wife got me for Christmas. I like going to the local contests and shows here in So Cal, so I thought this might make a good entry for the box-stock class, so that's how I built this one. Everything is from the kit, except the Halibrand decal on the side, which unfortunately isn't all that visible with the exhaust pipes installed! :-/

I hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for looking!










More pics here - http://public.fotki.com/alaski48/revell-kurtis-edelb/

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Definitely looks like the real car. I actually had that kit in my hand yesterday at the hobbyshop but opted for the '41 Chevy pickup Revell kit instead. I will definitely pick up at least a couple of these kits though as well as the Offy version when it hits the shelves around here.

You did a fantastic job on that car and seeing it built up so beautifully will really turn more builders onto this kit. It's definitely a jewel, that's for sure. Great job! B)

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Art......I have to keep coming back to look at this AWESOME build.......you sure did a TERRIFIC job......and fast too!


Thank you so much. This one went quicker than many of my others. I've noticed that the better you get, the faster it goes. You are proof of that!

I'm truly humbled by everyone's comments. This forum has some of the best builders in the world on it, so to get this response is overwhelming. Thanks to all of you!


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Look real!!!! Very nice built...Just perfect !!!! :)

Thanks, yvan!

Very nice build... but excellent photography! ;)

Thanks Jairus! My home-made spray booth doubles as my photo booth with a couple pieces of foam-core poster board inside of it. I just used a simple point and shoot on a tripod, but the shots turned out better than I expected.

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