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Dan Gurney '69 Trans-Am Mustang

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More photos of ‘ 69 Mustang Gurney Trans-Am http://public.fotki.com/phildaupho/dan-gurney-scale-ra/1969-mustang/

BODY – Revell 1/25 ’69 Mustang Mach 1

-Flared wheel openings

-Removed windshield wipers

-In engine compartment removed battery and filled area between radiator grill. Radiator top reshaped.

-Fabricated fuel filling door on trunk

INTERIOR-Cut out inside door panels

-Removed console and filled with half round styrene

-Reshaped extensively rear seating area

-Smoothed dash panels

-Roll cage is modified unit from Plastic Performance Products

-Seat from Revell ’71 Stars & Stripes Corvette

CHASSIS-Lowered 3 scale inches front and back

-Removed stock fuel tank to be replaced with fuel cell

WHEELS & TIRES-Was not happy with first set of Daisy mag wheels and tires

-Decided to use Daisy mag wheels from 1/24 Revell ’57 Corvette which are a little too big diameter but look much better. I will probably paint the outer rim black which should make them look just right

-Tires are the bigger Goodyear Sports Car Specials with raised letters from an older Monogram Shelby GT-350R kit

-Disc brakes from Revell ’32 Ford

ENGINE-Engine block, heads, headers etc. from Revell ’32 Ford

-Transmission is top-loader 4-speed from ’69 Mustang

-Dual 4-barrel intake manifold from Replicas & Miniatures. Carbs are huge four barrels that must be from a Pro-Stock kit

-Air-box fabricated from Evergreen styrene

For more about Dan Gurney Scale Race cars check out the yahoo forum I started at


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The paint is an orangish/yellow hue if I recall. I'm wondering what paint you will be using.Bob

Actually this one will be Ford "Corporate Blue" which I may mix up using various shades of Testor's blue enamel. The '70 Trans-Am Mustang was school bus yellow.

- Phil

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Off to a nice start. I have built five of the early Trans-Am cars. I did the 1970 version of the Mustang (the orange/yellow paint is available from MCW.) A good reference source is "historictransam.com" They have lots of photos.

I'll be watching this one.


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Sorry I missed this one last month. The '69 Bud Moore Mustang Parnelli Jones raced in the Trans-Am series had a red, white and blue color scheme. Ford dropped the Shelby Team for 1970 and the Bud Moore Team changed to the sort of school bus yellow color scheme.

In 1969 the Shelby Team started the season on American Racing "Daisy Mags" but had some problems with them so evetualy switched to the Minilites that all the other factory teams were using.

The the more famous car driven by PJ was a color called Grabber Orange.

The mods look good.

Why the Daisy mags and not Minilites? Do you a ref pic with the car shod with the Daisy's?

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On 2/27/2011 at 10:51 AM, Reeves Racing said:

The the more famous car driven by PJ was a color called Grabber Orange.


The mods look good.


Why the Daisy mags and not Minilites? Do you a ref pic with the car shod with the Daisy's?

The 1970 Bud Moore Trans Am Mustangs were not Grabber Orange. The were in fact DOT school bus yellow. Bud Moore’s wife asked him to paint the cars a viable color so they were easier for her to see. She was a score keeper.

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3 hours ago, afx said:

Phil's building a '69 so not applicable but regarding the Factory Team color for 1970 from the book Racing Mustangs:


I like the Ford blue for 69 as painting the red white and black color scheme would be tough.  The blue one is a modified AMT 1/43 kit.


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Just since the OP seems to be MIA, and the thread has already drifted a little anyway, here's a nice diecast '69 Boss 301 in 1/25 I picked up a couple years ago. The front end looks better than even the revised Revell Boss parts IMHO. I'm planning to strip off all the bogus graphics and apply the Revell kit Boss 302 decals. Yah, I know, the blue's not a true factory color, but it's kinda-sorta in the ballpark of Acapulco Blue so I'll try to work with it if possible. If it works out, I'll proudly display it on my 1/25 Mustang shelf. Meanwhile, the plan is to use the improved Revell 301 front end parts on their earlier '69 Mach I kit and build the Mickey Thompson/Butch Leal Boss 429 Pro Stock. 


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On 8/31/2020 at 6:01 AM, afx said:

Phil, did you finish this project or have any more progress on it?

Yes I did complete this project and was quite pleased with how it turned out although I always regret not paying more attention to firing order when I wired the distributor and plan someday to correct it but other projects keep getting in the way and with the hood closed it is out of sight out of mind



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On 8/31/2020 at 8:49 AM, Snake45 said:

Very nice work! Now that the Revell '69 Boss 302 with its improved front end is available, you might want to consider picking one of those up and swapping on the front end parts. 

I have been planning to get the new kit but would use it to build a 69 Boss 429

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