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1967 Chevy Chevelle SS 396


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Hello again guys,

Here's another model which was inspired by Chip Foose's creation in one of overhaulin' episodes, a 67' chevy chevelle ss from revell.

The color is mica silver from tamiya with additional wheels from aoshima and resin disc brakes.

Let me know what you think and thanks for looking.


Krishna Iskandana










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This is a very nice build of a Classic Hot Rod of the sixties.

Like the paint choice and the overall build looks good and clean.

But, with me being old school I would have went with Cragers or Keystone and period correct tires.

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it does have the trade mark chip foose fugly wheels on it

sorry but on a classic car like thay those are a big no no (get it..big)

other then that i really dig the car but i think it would look so much better with a set of cragars or keystones or even spyders yeah, i love spyder rims, nothing screams 70s muscle car like spyder rims (well just say it ran on stock rollers the first 3 years)

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