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This Scares Me!!!

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guys, i don't know if any of you have seen this but, when i saw it i wanted to go find a Smartcar and pick it up and Bodyslam it. i can't eat supper now. having an panic attack. somebody do something about this please!!! lol :angry:


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I saw one and they look stupid.

Those that buy these may think there saving the world one dorky looking car at a time.

What they realy think when they drive down the road is this. :lol:

I hope a rabbit or a cat don't run out in front of me and I hit it. :D

Because if that happens my car will be totaled out :blink: and the little animal will keep running. :lol:

Then I will be mad. :lol:

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the only smart worth driving is the brabus roadster version


stil very much fugly but with a bi-turbo V6 putting out 215 HP in a 1852 pound car it has the same power to weight ratio as a carrera GT2 :unsure:

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with th Austin Martin, where' James Bond gonna keep all his cool stuff at. what's the ejector seat gonna be a barstool. lol seriously though. i can't imagine having a wreck in something like that. just not the Mouse-Stang but all of the micro cars.

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I think the Smart Car is a joke, it's rated at 40 mpg hwy, I get that or better with my 2000 Saturn SL, and you can park a smart car in the trunk, not so smart, that smart car.

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