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'68 Dodge Dart GTS HEMI


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This the recently issued Revell-o-gram HEMI Dart kit don up ala Pro-Touring/Motorcross beast.

Used the kits optional Hemi motor with a single carb intake manifold and air cleaner, and routed the headers to go through the stock exhaust. I lowered the front suspension a little (about "1) and for the back, combined the kits dana 40 rear axle and some Firebrid rear suspension parts to make a custom 4-link unit that will handle all the abuseing no prob. Wheels are X-Mods on low-pro rubber from Revell's motor city muscle kits, and dics brakes from some '80s Corvette kit.

If you notice, I didn't used the side windows because the left side came cracked and the right had what's called a "Short shot". I was kinda ticked off about that (coulda make one out of clear styrene, but don't got it on me right now), but realzied it not too big ofa deal.

I used the kits gutted interior with the rollcage and added racing seats from an Acura/Honda Integra, along with a spare sparco steering wheel from an Fujumi kit.

I used the racing hood and painted it flat black to go with the stripe in the back (ans of course the theme). Paint is Krylon Sun Yellow polished ans cleared with future.

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