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A bit more done with the dolly in place loaded with boxes, a few more packages shoved off in the corner and on the upstairs shelves and made a cabinet above the sink with a few items in it.




I took out the guy in the red and white sport jersey in front of the car. He didn't really fit in anyway plus he was lazy so Joe fired him. More to follow, stay tuned.

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Worked on this a bit over the weekend, in fact I thought I was done and put it back in its glass case and realized I needed to cover up the glue marks from when I took down a poster. I added a few vintage posters up above the sink and dyno.


I also added a few blue shop rags around the place. I did this with blue and white acrylic paint with a bit of white glue thrown in.


Added the lug nuts from the rear wheel and placed on another shop rag.


Finished up all the boxes for the upstairs storage area.


And lastly, I had to add a 'girly' picture for a little motivation for the fellas.


That was all of the items on my final checklist. Thanks for following along.


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Brad... I love the vintage posters you put up as well as those blue shop towels... They add so much to the already fantastic diorama. I just don't know which poster is my fav... the '34 doing the burnout or the So-Cal poster. totally awesome!!!

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Still adding a few minor items to this dio. Soldered up a wall hanger for a Mobilgas Peagus sign. The sign was printed on cardstock, cut out, placed another sign on the backside and covered with glossy packing tape to resemble the shininess of an enamel sign.


One more radiator shell on the wall to go and this one's done. Thanks for following along.

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Hi Brad, 

 The details are just perfect.  Nicely cluttered up.

  Congrats on the award my friend !  You have some cool stuff in your model room but I liked this the best.  Like what you have added and look forward to seeing it in person next year.


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