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1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished 10/14/2018


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Hey guys... i apologize I haven't responded sooner. I will reply to each of you when I get home from work tonight. I have made some progress but havent gotten pics up yet because I just switched from windows XP to windows 7 on my comouter and am having issues with the camera wizard downloading my pics from my camera. Microsoft decided to change thing making it harder than they should of. Anyway i will have some more on the fuel system that I redid since I wasn'tt happy with my first shot at it.

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Brad... Thank you my friend. Feels good to get some bench time in again.

Bob... Thank you

Henry... Thank you.

Dave... Thank you very much. once the parts are totally cleaned up they will look even better...lol. You will Definitely have to say hi if you are at the shop. I am sure they hanger will look nice once everything is done.

Mike... Thank you my friend.

Ray.... Thank you. and thanks for asking about the dog. He is doing great back to his old self...lol

Danno... Thank you.

John... Thanks Brother. I appreciate it.

Mitch... Thank you. I will have some pics up shortly to share.

Hakan... Thank you. Hopefully you had a great trip to the states here. did you come out for business by chance? As Hans said too back you were able to make it to the NHRA finals. That awesome you were able to go to the Vegas Race. I was there last year or the year before. its a fun track to go to. I bet SEMA was a blast. That's one on my list I would like to go to sometime

Ira... Thank you.

Bill... Thank you for the kind words. It's great to have you checking in on this build. I sure am trying for the realism part that's for sure. I wish I had your talent with the machining, maybe one day. I am still saving my pennies for the lathe and mill I want

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Alright fellas.... here are some pics of my most recent progress. I know its not a whole lot but I went back and redid some of the fuel line stuff to make it where I was happy with it. Here are the pics...

Well it started out where I busted one of my fuel pump bases from pulling a bolt out of it when I was transferring the holes to the engine block. I was glad I printed a few extra sets up:


I then got the fuel pump glued together. I used superglue around the joint:



I decided to redo the fuel tank supply port as well as making the fuel line out of brass tubing which I will cover with heat shrink tubing when I am done with it. I felt that the first supply port I made was way too big and didn't look right. I used two RB motion fittings and had to drill them out to fit the tubing:


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Here is the fuel line mocked up in the chassis, I apologize that the focus is off a little was hard getting the shot I wanted:



Here is a few shots of the fuel pump in primer. You will notice that I need to sand the joint smooth where I had glued it, once sanded you will never know it was two pieces...lol:




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Hakan... Thank you. Hopefully you had a great trip to the states here. did you come out for business by chance? As Hans said too back you were able to make it to the NHRA finals. That awesome you were able to go to the Vegas Race. I was there last year or the year before. its a fun track to go to. I bet SEMA was a blast. That's one on my list I would like to go to sometime

No my visit over there was purely a vacation...or may I say recreation because that's what it is, the Vegas race was good and so was the SEMA Show, we did also go up to El Mirage for the speed trials and as Bonneville rained out earlier there were lots of competitors there, I have not seen so many there this time of year.

I have been to the NHRA Finals at Pomona 4 times before so I've been there, last time was 2012, I could have gone this year too but I have to save some paid vacation days until next year when I plan to come over again, and the Finals may be one thing to plan in and maybe the Goodguys Southwest Nationals event in Scottsdale...we have not decided yet.

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Henry.... Thank you. Yeah I was planning ahead by having extra's made...lol

Bob... Thank you.

Mike... Thank you my friend.

Hakan... That is awesome you the visit was vacation. I have to tell you the Goodguys show is pretty nice and has a lot of great looking cars. I usually go to it but wasn't able to get to it this year. Hopefully next year and planning on taking my muscle car there.

Darryl... Thank you. Man I sure wish I could get this thing to fire up... I bet it would sound wicked...lol

Mark... Thank you

Scott... Thank you. I guess I am trying to go for that Wow factor for myself just seeing if I can accomplish some of these details. I think you are right that once all of these little details come together it will just make the whole engine look great.

Ira... Thank you.

Johnny Boy.... Thank you my brother. :D

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Well fellas... I got some time at the bench yesterday and think I make a pretty good accomplishment with what I worked on and happy with it so far. Hoping to get some more time today at the bench but I need to get some stuff done for work before I can play with the model today....lol. I worked more on the fuel system yesterday. I need to give a big shout out and thank you to Dave (Comp1839). He has been a big help to me though out this entire build with information on many of the little details I have been adding to this build. Dave spent an hour with me on the phone yesterday helping me with some dimensions and walking me thru some things with the fuel system. I am grateful for his help and this build wouldn't be were it is without his knowledge. Again, Thank you Dave.

So I was working on the fuel shut off valve and the tee fittings that are attached to it. I spend about 7-1/2 to 8 hours yesterday fiddling with these 3 parts. It always tends to take longer than I think it will with some of these parts. it took a little while to figure out what I was going to do and how I wanted to make them. Not to mention that I redid some of them a few times because I messed up on cutting the correct lengths. Anyways here are some pics to share.

Here is the start of the shut off valve and tee fittings. I decided to make them out of brass and solder them all up.:


Here is some of the pieces after getting the brass stock cut to size:


This is the Fuel Shut Off Valve, It is made up of 4 pieces that were all soldered together, There is still some more work that needs to be done. I need to make the lever that attaches to the body:


Here is Tee Fitting #1. this one is also made up of 5 pieces. the two hex fittings are scale hardware hex nuts that I drilled out and soldered to the assembly:


Here is Tee Fitting #2, This is made up of 6 pieces, and I did the same thing with the same scale hardware hex nuts:


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Here are all of the pieces next to a penny so you can get a feel of the size of them:


Now for a few shots of the parts mocked up on the engine. Today I am hoping to get these guys cleaned up, sanded and primed so they will be ready for some paint:





Here is a shot of the real cars fitting set up that I was trying to replicate:



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