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1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished 10/14/2018


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Sflam... Thank you very much. I have been trying to get to the bench but hasn't happened. Going to try and tinker on it a tad tonight.

Jamie... Thank you very much. I would love to see pics of your 1/16th scale Altered. I love them 1/16th scale builds.

Dave... Thank you very much. Feels good to have them done...lol well with the exception of re-painting it...lol

Danno.... Thank you Sir.... I know that show is creeping up on us and I need bust out and hit the bench strong because I want to finish the darn thing... lol

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Brad... thank you for the response. I tgougjt I would ask. I have anothwr buddy at work thatbmaybe able to cut it but he says his wifes plotter uses wire frames. So it makes me wonder if a dxf would work for him.

I am hoping to get a little bench time in tonight but its been limited since my parents are in town

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Bruce... Thank you very much.

Mike.... I created a drill jig with a marking Ruler from Micro Marks. Here is a link to the Ruler:


Here is a pic of the Drill Jig I made:


Gene.... Thank you very much. The window was a little chore but worth the time spent to get it right.

Joe... Thank you Very much. I believe I still owe you some pics.

Brad.... You are right, I do have an update I need to show you guys. I have been working on some body mods and I should have something to show later today.

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Mike... I picked mine up a while ago and  has been good to evenly space holes for a few of my needs.

Bob... Thank you.

Joe... I don't think the madness ever ends... lol


Ok Fellas I know that I said I would have something to show today and I have to apologize. Some of my updates took me a lot longer today than I expected and well I didn't get time to take pics and upload them.  I also need to get to bed since 4:30 am gets here early. I will try and get the pictures up tomorrow. So Stay Tuned, it will be worth it B).

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Brad.... you will get to see some pics here shortly. uploading them as I speak

Tim... Thank you very much. That Ruler from Micro marks has been worth the money for spacing purposes.

Joe... Thank you very much. I would of had some pics posted a couple days ago but some things came up. Hopefully  my  next update will satisfy everyone...lol

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Hello All.. I know I have been away for a little bit but I have been getting a little bit of work done and think its time for an update. Had to do a few more body mods but am finally happy with it. Hope you guys will enjoy....

So I had to extend the rocker panels down because Revell didn't do the best job in capturing the correct look well stance of the body...lol So I added some styrene to them:


Did the Same thing to the other side:


When I was extending the rocker panels I started by creating templates from .010" thick styrene and then I made templates for the heat shields that get attached to the rocker panel. I colored the heat shield template with a black sharpie But I will be going back and fabricating the piece of out brass for the final part, I also had cut out a set of the decals and taped them to the side of the body to get an idea of how it would look with the heat shields and placement of everything:


Up-Close shot of the heat shield attached to the body with rivets from Scale Hardware:


And of course here is the other side:

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Well you know I had to mock the body up on the chassis to take a look how it would look sitting on the chassis and well I am super happy with it now. the stance looks a little more spot on:


Here its is on the other side:


I had to then throw in a front shot:


It is now time to add some body filler to the newly added side pieces:


Body filler on the Right side:

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I also had to add body filler to the inside of the pieces:


So I decided to purchase a used Parachute Pack for research purposes to be able to measure and scale it down, so I can make my own. You will see here the 1:1 and then to the left I have a resin parachute from Flashpoint and then you can see a flat pattern on a small piece of paper as well as my first prototype that I had folded up in paper to see the sizing which I need to adjust one or two things on it:


Here is a closer shot of my flat pattern, along with the first made chute pack and the resin one:

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