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1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished 10/14/2018


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When i started on this thread (well over an hour ago) i just thought you had fabricated a couple of parts for the front end which i thought was very impressive work, but then, as i have scrolled through many pages and seen what i've seen, i then realised the depth of work i was trying to contemplate. I guess, yeah, what can you say, this is Nasa level skill sets, isn't it?

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Chris.... Thank you so much for the Kind words. I would tell you to keep at it. I have been pushing myself as far as I can with things on this build because I was never sure if I could do some of the things I have seen others do. I have actually surprised myself that I was able to pull a lot of it off that I didn't think I could do.

Jason... Thank you.

Niko... Thank you very much my friend!! When I am done I want to try to capture some of the same angle shots of the model like the real car and combine the pics to compare them. Hope that makes sense. Think it would just be pretty cool to do that.

Jesse... Thanks, That make me smile :)

Lee... Thank you, Yes the punch list is getting shorter but its not getting there quick enough. I am down to 28 Items left to have this done I believe and I am running out of time fast.

Brad... Thanks for the Kind words. It feels so good to have the engine in its final resting place. I am pushing hard to have it done for the show next weekend. But I can't make any promises that I will make it right now. I will just have to wait and see if I can pull it off.

Bob... Thank you. That light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter which is a good feeling. I am ready for a new build that's for sure...lol

Tim... Thank you my friend. It has felt great to get to the point where I am on this build now. I was hoping that No one would be able to tell were the damage was. Glad that is all behind me now....lol Now I am pushing forward in hopes that I can have it done in a week.... Yeah I am stressing out just a little bit...lol

Scott... Thank you very much.

Hans... Thank you... I am happy with the stance as well and I would say it was well worth the time it took me to go back and fix that part way back when I realized things didn't look right and I had to hack it up again to fix it to get that stance looking correct in my eyes.

Hakan... Thank you very much for the kind words, Its appreciated.

Stephen... Thank you

Dave R... Thank you sir... Too Bad there wasn't some sort of sent like that which could be put in the base to make it smell like some nitro and rubber... :lol:

Steve...  Thanks. I never really though about that and it would be an honor if it did. Hopefully I will have it done soon.

BIll... Thank you for the nice words. that light is getting brighter. Hopefully I will be able to check off a bunch from the list this weekend.

John... Thanks Brother for the kind words my friend!! Hopefully it will be done sooner rather than later...lol

Bob... Thank you very much. I think you are right that if I would of taken shortcuts on some of the things I wouldn't not of been as happy with the results.

Joe... Thank you my friend. Its been tough just to concentrate on this build at times and I have really considered boxing it up multiple times when I ran into many issues. But I am glad I fought thru them and it has taught me a ton of lessons on some things that I would be able to plan things a little better ahead of time. You gonna make it to the DSC next weekend??

Paul... Thanks... You just gave me an idea that I need to get a 55 Gallon Drum in 1/16th scale and have it sitting next to the car on a display base... :D

Dave... Thanks you very much. Yeah it should be at the DSC.... Finished or Not. I would much rather not having it sitting on the Display only table for the 7th year in a row... I know I won't live it down if it does go there...:lol:

Brian... Thank you\

Danny... Thank you. Hopefully soon the Anticipation will be over  

Scott... Thanks for the kind words. 

Danno... Thanks my friend, Looking forward to seeing you next weekend. I just hope that this will be done and at this point it is going to be very close. Its down to the wire but hopefully I make it.

Tim... Thank you, if you ever have any questions on how I did something feel free to ask and I will do my best to explain what I did.

Phil... Thank you very much. when I first started this build I did not think that it was going to snowball into as big of a project as I have turned it into. I kept pushing myself to see if I could make this look like the real things and I think I got myself into a hole I couldn't get out so I had to continue to proceed the way I have with it. All of the hard work and redoing multiple items was worth it now seeing some of the results

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Hello Fellas..... I wanted to say thank you to everyone for being patient with me and for following along. I apologize that I haven't had any updates in a while, life has been been busy with having family in town for the past 2 weeks along with dealing with some health issues with my dog. So needless to say that I haven't had very much or any bench time since I last posted. I know I am down to the wire to our Desert Scale Classic show here next weekend which I am trying to get this thing done in time for, But we will see if I make it in time. Anyway I was able to get some bench time i last night to finish up the fuel shut off cable assembly. I am embarrassed to say that I have spent way more hours into this line that I probably should have. I must of worked on this thing for 15 hours and for some reason it fought me the whole time. Now that its done I am happy with the results. Here are a few pics for ya.....


Here are the bits and pieces that are making up this assembly:




Here is the lever mocked up:




Here is the lever and attachment clamp installed in the driver area:




Here it is hooked up to the Fuel shut off valve with the linkage:





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WOW    .......it wouldn't take much imagination to think this is the actual car.


Hopefully this thing will be done about the same time I make thew cross country move to Arizona and be able to see it in person.

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Bob... Thank you.

Bill... Thank you. When and where in Arizona will you be moving too?

Lee... Thank you for the kind comments. I have been trying my best to make as much of it as realistic as I can. I hope it is finished in time for DSC.

Ray... Thank you. Are you going to be at the DSC next week?

Dave.... Thank you my friend. Please do send some clutch dust, I will add it to the model... :lol:

John... I appreciate the kind words Brother, Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I have to finish it first and am questioning if it will make it at this point.

Chris... Thank you. I know once this thing is done I am doing an easy box stock build that I can knock out in a couple of weeks...lol

Mike... Thank you but gotta tell you that it sure tested my patience and I spent way more time on it than I think I should have. Maybe the next time I do one I will find an easier way... lol

Randy... Thanks Brother... Man I am going to miss you at the DSC next week. Was hoping that you would be able to make it. Hope all is well.


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Kudos to you Chris for moving forward with it.  The updates look simply fantastic but I know full well where you are mentally at this point.  Certain builds can be inspiring but maddening at the same time. They take on "epic" proportions.  This build is one of them.  The reward will be seeing it finished.  Not winning awards (which it most assuredly will) but that you took the long journey to do the best you could do and executed it as well as you did. I've always admired others that take on such builds.....some that come to mind are Cato, RandyD, Dave(comp1839) and ClayK............no offense to anyone else that I didn't mention as there are many others that are on that list as well.   Builds that stretch out continuously for several years (or longer) without interruption become a challenge to complete as you KNOW you can make or execute it and it takes on a life of it's own just to sit down and do it (you know you can, you just don't have the interest because there is no challenge..........a tedious task in other words).......the fun in scratch-building is the creativeness to conjure it up, figure out HOW to make it and then do it wherein it corresponds to your vision in the first palce.  I guess what I'm saying is that I sympathize with you regarding where you are mentally with the car.  However, you're now so close and when it's finished, you'll have something that no one will ever have and will serve as an epic "how to" for all of us modelers regardless of skill level.  I've learned a lot myself from this thread and for that I thank you.   Cheers my friend!  Tim

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