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1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished 10/14/2018


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Chris.......it was so nice you at DSC Sat. my little Brother.........the debut of your Army F/C did not disappoint ......Congratulations on your "Master Award" for Best Engine out of 352 models on the table......what a great honor to have that award.........the only thing missing with your display was a build book so that every body could see all the hard work you put into the build.......love all the AWESOME pictures you just posted........you only have a few more details to button up on this build then you can move on to your next epic build:)

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7 hours ago, majel said:

I understand the best engine award, well deserved, but if that is second place in large scale there is no hope for mere mortals!  Fantastic model, the level of detail is amazing.

I have to agree here, whoever was first in large scale must have something utterly phenomenal. Well done Chris!  I am sure that like myself, many other large scale builders have this thread stored so that we can learn you technique. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!  Now it’s time for a FED, because the thread link in your signature doesn’t work!




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Jim... thank you very much. There were a few little details that I had left off the engine that I will slowly start to add this weekend.

Hakan...  Thank You!

Manfred... Thanks!

Jason... Thank you for the kind words.

John... Thanks my Brother, it means a lot coming from you and was so glad you were able to be there for the unveiling  of this build. It was a total honor to get the Masters award for best engine, I didnt expect it that's for sure.You know I wish I could of had a build book so everyone could of seen l that went into this build. But as you know I was burning the midnight oil and had to shortcut some items to get the build done in time. Hopefully it wont take me long to finish this one up because I have a few builds I have been itching to start that I have been excited about.

Lee... Thank you very much. Trust me the car was beautiful that took first and the paint was gorgeous. Oh yeah I have a FED project that I am ready to start on plus a couple of Rear engine drgster's on the back of my mind too.

Jesse... Thank you!

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Chris --

Mr. THIS! YEAR! --

What can I say?  Truly a remarkable model.  Fantastic in every way.  So glad to see you put a wrap on it after all these years!   Just an amazing model, my friend!  Humbles all who view.

The only reason that other guy edged you out was that his model had that 5% finished!   LOL. 

No, I have no idea how the judges were able to pick between the two models, they were both THAT good. (In fact, the judges are away at a counseling retreat to restore their sanity.)

Also, we are very proud that you lifted the curtains, unveiled her, at our event.  Thank you!






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Chris, my styrene brother, I couldn't stop staring at this on the table this past Saturday, just taking in all of this awesomeness. I took a bunch of photos for a reference album and this one was the best one. Think I'll frame it. (Insert every positive adjective here.)


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A hearty congratulations Chris.  I can only imagine the pride you're feeling in completing the car.  She's a beauty.  I book marked your thread a long time ago and it has been an insightful source for me too. 

Cheers, Tim 

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  Way back in 2012 I happened across this website and saw the amazing things you were accomplishing.  6 years later and I still came back to tell you what an amazing build this is!  Your imagination and detail are amazing - thank you for bringing us along to see how you pulled all these things off!  Congratulations!

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If that was second place, I want to see first.

If you were change the background images from your workbench to something that would not give away that this is a model, I'm sure a 1:1 magazine would run a feature on it as a great restoration. This has been an excellent tutorial on how to build an amazing model and to keep your focus on a moving target.

Hats off to you.

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Danno... Thank you Sir!! I really appreciate the Kind words. So I may be "Mr This year" but at the next show you can call me "Next Year" again... haha

Brad... Thanks Brother! I appreciate the nice words. When it comes to the Illustrator training, I can always bring the funny over so you can get better pics. I know the lighting was a little tuff with the light coming in from the windows behind the car.

Trevor... Thank you very much.

Stephen... Thank you. It was great to get to talk with you the day of the show. Wish we could of talked longer. Looking forward to seeing more of your builds.

Ben... Thank you very much. There is so much that I learned in these 7 years that will allow me to plan things better with out having to redo so much work. I think I will also be able to build better from things that I had taught myself that I didn't think I could do. I kept pushing myself just to see if I could certain things.

Tim... Thank you my Friend. I am feeling great about the car even though it is only 95% Completed. I still have the 5% that needs to be done and have been having trouble getting back to it. I will get things done little by little until its done and completed in my eyes. Plus I have a few more items that needs fixing which stinks but its what I have to do.

Seth.... Thanks. I appreciate the kind comments.

Dave... Thanks for the nice words. I am planning on posting pics with the body on it. I have a minor issue that I need to fix with the Body Tins before I can do so, but I promise that there will be pics with the body on, The body propped open....etc.

Bruce... Thank you so much and for following along on this long journey.

Joe... Thank you so much for the Kind words and for continuing to check in on this build. I know it was a long one for people to ride out and probably  had people wondering if I was ever going to finish it up. I am hoping to have it Buttoned up to 100% soon.

Mike... Thank you very much. Gotta tell you the First place car was a Beautiful one. My plan is to take some outside pics once I get everything done and I would love to capture the model at the same angles as the reference pictures that I have. I know I won't be able to match the backgrounds but It would be fun to show the pics side by side. I gotta be honest I went thru a few ruff patches trying to stay focused on this. I am super excited to have her about done so I can move onto the next fun build.

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Well it has been quite the journey Chris. From day one till now I have been with you hoping you fulfilled your quest to build the ultimate Snake. You have without a doubt achieved that with much to spare and i wanted to congratulate you on what is the finest 1/16 scale AA/FC model of ANY car to run the 1320. There were times it seems you doubted yourself but all of us knew you would do it. And here we are brother, looking at it and wondering how it was achieved even though we all saw it come together lo these few years.


A hearty congrats to you Sir and so say all of us!


My humble respect.

Bob Frias 

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Chris.....what can I say that hasn't already been said?.....a truly gorgeous model that I have followed you building through the years.  I believe you have given me the impetus to complete my version of this great kit.  It was involved in a nasty wreck with a house cat years ago, and now it will be converted to run the Nostalgia Circuit campaigning as the Blood Assurance "Vein Vega" .....if it comes out looking a tenth as good as yours, I will be ecstatic!.....thanks again for your outstanding tutorials and am eagerly awaiting to see your next projects.........Chris 


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Fantastic Fantastic build!!! Knowing the actual car so well you have certainly gone above and beyond- I have a quick question: I've gone through your build diary looking for this: I am probably going to Shapeways some rear tires for the 73/74 era and wondered what you used? I thought about using Milestone because they are rubber but the size is a bit wrong although in scale it may have the best stance


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Bob... Thank you for the kind words my friend and for following along from the beginning. It has been a very long journey indeed, but well worth the outcome for me. There were many highs and Lows with this build but I had learned so much go thru it  that it will make things much easier on the next build. I just need to get the last 5% done now...lol

Christopher... Thanks for the nice words. Looks like you are going to have fun little build right there. Sorry to hear about the wreck with the cat. You can go back and  rebuild her now. I will be looking forward to seeing a build thread on it. If you have any questions on what all I did or used feel free to ask.

Dave M...  Thank you very much. As far as the tires go I used Flashpoint's Tires on these for both  the fronts and rears, The rears were the Funny Car tires he had. Unfortunately Terry Closed shop a while back and doesn't sell them or his resin bodies anymore. I have considered drawing some up to have 3D printed.

Dave S... Thank you So much Brother!!! You know this has been quite a Journey That I did not know what going to turn into what it did. Although I still have 5% left to go to call it completed and hopefully I will get that 5% done here and here over the next few weeks to month or so. But I have to give you a Big Shout out and Thank you for a lot of help behind the scenes of taking the time to talk with me and answer multiple questions that I had in reference of parts and things for this build. You have been a dear friend to me. So thank you so much. I do  need to give you a call so we can catch up and brain storm... lol

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