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1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished 10/14/2018


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19 hours ago, Mooneyzs said:

Well Fellas I know its been a while since I have had an update on this project. Every since our Desert Scale Classic show here back in April, I haven't been able to get motivation to start chipping away at my final to do list. This past weekend I decided to knock the dust of this one and start checking Items off my to do list. I can officially say that I am in the Single Digits of what"s left to complete this and call it done. I am actually excited to just about have this done so I can move onto my next project. Anyway here are a few pics of what I have completed and it actually felt pretty good to get back to this.


I started by getting the brass rivet heads painted black to match the spoiler:




I then decided to put the Wynn's decals on the side of the injector hat, I am still thinking about running a thin wash around the edge of the decal to dry and help the way the edge looks:




Next up on the to do list was to get the hose clamps onto the oil blow off lines coming off the valve covers:

(left side):






Now here is the right side:




You know the only thing keeping this from being the actual  car ,,is that tiny pieced of lint

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I have no more superlatives sir.  This build has been an absolute joy to watch and follow along.  The hose clamps are amazing and just add to the realism.  This build has gone past being a model and has become a work of art.  Thank you!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chris.... Thank you very much.

John... Thanks Brother, Yeah it really needed that extra little pop with the hose clamps.

Danno... Thank you my friend. Really appreciate the kind words.

Daniel... Thank you.... I better go check the threads just in case ;).

Ray.... Thanks my friend... You know I will try and add more detail next time... :lol: , I do appreciate the nice words

Tim.... Thank you my friend. Hoping to see some more progress on your Bantam soon. I wanna see that Bad Boy in person some day.

Dave... Thank you very  much!!

Bob... thanks, I don't think they went off because of this build...lol

Bill... Thank you,  I should of  dusted the car off before I took pics but I was too lazy... :lol:

Mike... Thanks

Art... Thank you Brother... I really appreciate the kind words. There were many times that I was ready to call it quit's but glad I pushed myself just that little bit more to do a few extra things. It feels great to have my list down to single digits to being done.

Stephen... I really appreciate the kind words. Its been a fun build but I am so ready to be working on a different project...lol

Dave.... What can I say but thank you.

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Well... Fellas.... It's that time again for another small update. I have been chipping away at the last items on my to do list and I am getting closer to having the car completed. It feels good to about be done with it. I have installed the Body Tins for the last time and added the additional rivets in place, Also got the last few decals on the body. Now time to work on just a few more items.


Here the Body Tins have been put in the body for the final time:



Inside view of the Body Tins and Dog House:




Then I got the Ed Pink Decal installed on the Snorkle:





I also got the decals installed on the Spoiler:



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Here are a couple of Fun Shots I did with putting the body on the chassis.....


close up of the engine sticking out of the body



Inside of the body



Fun Side by Side with the restored car:


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Nice build. Next time you gusset a rear, try cutting a slot across the pumpkin instead of all that shaping and filling. Go down into the axle tubes just as deep as you need to, to bury the entire length of the gusset. An even greater time saver would be to press the finished part into some clay and fill the impression with epoxy for the next build. Don't forget to do both halves. You can actually include the torque ears on top or shape everything except the ears and leave grooves to glue any style ears you may come up with in future designs. :D

Edited by tricknology
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Chris.... Thank you very much, It's been a lot of hard work

John... I am pushing Hard to get this thing done in time. We shall See what happens.

Lou... Thank you.

Shambles... Thank you very much.

Stephen... Thank you Sir, Looking forward to seeing you at the Nationals.

Daniel... Thank you.

Ryan... Thank you.

John... Thanks... Yeah been a long time coming to get it to this point. Can't wait to have it done so I can start on another Fun Dragster Build.

Stephen... Thank you, But where were you when I made that part 7 years ago...lol :lol:. That is a great idea and will keep it in mind for future builds.

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Master craftsmen is the word I am trying to think of. This is what this build is. The patients, detail, craftmenship. There are more words but these come to my mind first. Beyond amazing! Great build! 

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Alright Fellas.... I did some more work on this over this past week and in between trying to get a build book created for this build.  So I wasn't 100% Happy with the way that my front Axle's Alclad turned out way back when and anywhere from all the different things of moving it around and working around it. I had rubbed some of the Alclad off by Accident, well anyway I decided to Tear the front end off the chassis and repaint the Alclad. Here are pics of the Updated Front Axle....


I sanded the Front Axle down to be repainted:



Here I repainted the Black House of Kolor Base and Omni Plus Urethane Clear. After Paint I forced dried it at 140 Degress for 1 hour:




Here is the Alxe after re-sprayiing the Alclad Chrome:




Polished up the Axle and Put the Axle back together:




Front View:




Here is the Axle installed back on to the Chassis and all of the Radius rods hooked back up.:




Here its the Chassis all Back together:


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24 minutes ago, Brudda said:

Master craftsmen is the word I am trying to think of. This is what this build is. The patients, detail, craftmenship. There are more words but these come to my mind first. Beyond amazing! Great build! 

Thanks Bruce... I appreciate the Kind words, Its been a fun Build but glad that It is just about done :)

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Who doesn't look forward to your updates Chris?  (rhetorical of course.........we ALL do)   This car is just going to dominate at any show you enter it.  Deservedly so.  cheers, tim

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Bob... thank you very much, it's not perfect but good enough at this point...I just wanna be done with it.

Tim...thank you for the Kind words, it's much appreciated. I have been busting my tail as of late to try to get it done in time for the IPMS Nationals here less than 2 weeks. I am super close and have been working on a build book. After the show is over I will Unveil my next project I have in store... ;)

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