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NNL East Roll Call!!!!


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Me and my Dad are going... We'll probably miss the internet friends meeting whenever time that is, but we'll prolly meet up with some of U guys while we're a browsin' the aera!

BTW, my Dad's name is Richard too ans he's one hekofa truck fan too along with some wild 50's cars.

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I'll be back, got my reservations set, this year I'm at the Ramada, not 15 minutes down the road. Should be there late afternoon Friday, gotta wait till noon to pick up my paycheck then I'm on the highway.

Just look for this ugly mug (pic taken at 4am lol, may trim the hair before the show)


Driving this 3600 lbs of American steel


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I will be there come hell or high water... see y'all this weekend


57 Degrees and rain.... That's the bad news for tomorrow. The good news is it's NNL east, the greatest model show on Earth.

Amy & me will be there re-connecting with old friends. I know I said it last year, but maybe NEXT year I'll have a chunk of shiny plastic to drop on the table.

Look for us....


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