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Eagle One's "Never A Dull Moment" LSR challenger


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Eagle One car care products company proudly presents the “Never A Dull Moment†land speed record challenger. It is a highly modified F-15 fighter plane that has two Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-100 turbo-fan jets with after burners. Each engine produces 25,000 lbs/thrust for a combined total of 50,000 lbs/thrust, which is about 140,540 HP.

"Never A Dull Moment" will be driven by Ashley Force. She is a current Funny Car driver and daughter of 15 time NHRA funny car champion, John Force. We expect "Never a Dull Moment" will be setting records for a long time to come and we wanted a young up and coming driver who will be able to continue with the program for as long as it is competitive.

LSR vehicles are broken into cars and motorcycles. Cars have four or more wheels. Motorcycles have three or less wheels. Most recent unlimited land speed record setters are technically motorcycles, with three wheels. Eagle One will have four wheels and is therefore a car.

Another way they class these vehicles is whether they have driven or un-driven wheels. All recent unlimiteds have un-driven wheels. We are currently petitioning the FIA to recognize the Eagle One as having driven wheels. There is a power take off shaft from both engines that drives the rear front wheel. Granted there are freewheeling clutches above 100 MPH, but the car will move with only wheel power. It is a tuners dream car, as at some point, the overly large exhaust tips contribute enough increased power to propel the car even faster.

The wheel/tire/brake units will be about 4.7 inches wide to support the 15,000 pound vehicle. The wheels are being specially made by Weld Wheels from an aluminum-beryllium alloy. They are 40 inches in diameter and 5" wide at the hub and weigh 250 lbs each. They have a demountable tread for shows and trailering. These treads are removed for all speed runs. There are no tires that can run at these intended speeds, so the wheels themselves are also the tires. There are two more very unique things about these wheels. First, the wheels themselves are also the brake rotors. Second, since the wheels are covered with bodywork and spats, compressed CO2 is used to cool the wheel/rotor units during braking.

A modified air-brake, that was part of the original fighter plane, will do most of the braking from high speeds. A series of four drag chutes will deploy between 350 and 300 MPH. Finally the CO2 cooled brakes can be used under 150 MPH. The brakes themselves are electronic wedge brakes. This is the latest in brake technology and are produced by Siemens / VDO.

Eagle One car care products company hopes that “Never A Dull Moment†driven by Ashley Force can bring the world land speed record back to the United States next summer.

The above story is fictional.

The main body is from a 1/48 scale F-15 Eagle fighter plane. The cockpit and front third of the fuselage is from a 1/72 scale B-58 Hustler bomber. The wheels are stacks of stainless steel washers. All the paints are Rustoleum spray can enamels. This was my first attempt with a fade. I will avoid enamels in the future since they take forever to dry. The decals are all homemade with an ink-jet printer.






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I found some 1/4 mile ET and top speed calculators online. Using 15,000 lbs gross vehicle weight and 140,540 HP, the estimates are 2.9 seconds in the quarter and 1,295 MPH flat out. Sounds like fun.

The English are building another unlimited LSR, called the Houndog. They estimate 0-60 in 1 second and 0-1,000mph in 40 seconds. It has both a jet and a rocket motor.

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Hey Don,

Man that is not fair, I was so caught up in the story and flashing forward to seeing it run....man, ya got me!! Very nice literary work and a very nice LSR challenger. Now, about that 0-60 in one second, don't you think body parts will come off.....the driver, not the car?!?! :D Thanks for posting.


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