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Best glue for building a styrene roolcake/chassis

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What is the best glue to use when building a rollcage or frame from scratch? I have seen a variety of rool cages or chassis built from styrene tubing and appreciate the glue has to be good for a strong joint so the project does not fall apart

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when i build a rollcage i use regular testors tube glue

with any structural building i do there are two main things i do to ensure a good joint

1 make sure all the parts fit nicely, espescially when making rol cages you are putting square ends on round tube

i like to trim the bottom of the (for instance) crossbrace so it has a dip that the other tube fits in

2 use metal connectors. at my job we use a lot of manilla tags to mark products

every once in a while i will remove the wire from those tags for hobby purposes (they make great fuel or brake lines)

i will also use this to strenghten joints by drilling a hole in one part and superglueing a little wire in there

then i drill a hole in the other mating surface and so that the wire can go in there aswell, almost like using dowels or bisquits in woodwork projects

(this is also a great way to get wayward exhaust pipes to stay on the headers)

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lol...you got me with "roolcake" ...had to read the post just to see what the heck that was..heheh.. I use the extra thin glues whenever I can get away with it.. like pro-weld and tamiya e/t

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