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G'day everyone,

My name is Joe and I'd like to introduce myself with some of my builds. I'm a member of another forum and thought I should become apart of this forum since I'm always over here checking out the builds. I used to build models when I was a kid then gave it up, about 3 years ago I got back into it and haven't looked back since.

This '64 Chevy "Surf Truck" was my first adult build;



This '49 Merc - "The Illuminator" is my baby. Pie-chop, roof chop and working lights. One of the arials is the on/off switch.






This '57 Tank is a 1:72 scale tank chassis and a 1:32 Zingers 57 Chevy body with a 1:25 engine.




These are my favorite three builds, I'll put some other up in a new post.

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OH YEAH! I love these, but putting a tank and 57 together is ALWAYS what the Good Doctor ordered, and it's what keeps EYEGORE salivatin'. Welcome aboard, and we hope you enjoy your stay. As you share more of your work with us, remember to have fun and never, NEVER, NEVER hold back on our daily allowance of eye-candy! ;):P :P

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I love how you displayed your models. The 60's Chevy Truck on the beach is excellently done with the tonneau cover. The Merc is jus' killer and an eye pleaser. Excellent work on the lights and the switch bein' the aerial. The display is a great touch for such a superbly done model. The 57 Chev-Tank is a perfect blend of parts and looks like something I've seen at our local motorsports track when Monster Trucks were the rage! Love your work, excellent and top shelf. Keep them beauties comin' and can't wait to see some WiPs from ya. Welcome. :P

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Thanks very much for the friendly welcome guys!

The Surf Truck had to have a beach photo shoot. I tried to get the truck and waves in focus by changing the aperture setting on my camera. The surf boards are made from a thin dvd cover, they're also made to scale. The rack in the bed has working rollers and the strut arms work as well. The theme for this pickup is imagine this dude is a custom surfboard designer who personally delievers his boards up and down the coast, always looking for that perfect wave. :D

The Merc recieved a 4mm chop just above the belt line and the rear pillars also got chopped. To change the ride height, I simply drilled an off centered hole in the wheel backing (next to the original axle hole). So if I roll the Merc forward, the height increases.

Colour is a base coat of gun metal grey followed by clear blue, clear red, clear pearl. The base for the Merc is a bit of ply with a mirror on top, wrapped in mahogeny veener. The lights and batteries are from a keychain flashlight.

The Tank was built as a part of a 4x4 group build. It's my backyard version of a Monster car crusher. The hardest thing was making the three different scales look like one scale.

Thanks again!

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