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Almost time for my clubs annual Hot Wheels night (9th June), so I thought I'd better start my car. Couldnt get anything close to what I wanted to do originally so looking through the stash I found this likely victim.


30 minutes later


and about an hour after that I called it a night



need to work on the spill plates for the wing but pretty happy for a couple hours work

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Brett.......I have become to admire your talent.......you are very good at scratch building......I luv to follow along what you build..........I really like the way this build is coming along......and you are fast too.........that just shows that you luv building.......great stuff bud.

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Thanks John, first fine day for a while so I threw some paint at it today, first colour is a dark purple nail polish


well that didnt come out very dark........so I put some candy purple over it



started on the frame



hopefully I can put the flames on tomorrow (using the ones from the revell merc special edition, they're pretty close).

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Thanks guys, been really busy lately (and I'm so over that B) ) so no further in progress were taken, yet, was cleared and windows installed,chutes and zoomies fitted but no motor frontal at the moment but, here's how it looks all mocked up




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went into production line mode and made up fuel pumps for 5 of the current doorslammer projects


working on trying to get 3 done today




since the hood is staying on I'm calling this one done ..........for now at least


new pics soon

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This Merc' turned out real nice! I like the color on it, and decals are fitting nicely. Engine detailing looks good too. It's simply awesome build. Rearend looks good too. Great to see '49 Mercurys which aren't all built Customs... :lol:

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Hello there friend! Ive seen this car transformed to so many different styles and this has to be the most memorable! This is so cool to see in modern drag style! Two thumbs up and way coooool



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