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69 Daytona Pro Mod 1/16th scale updated 4/3/12 ..It's a wrap!

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I purchased two 1/16th scale helmets from charlie over at ProTech and they came in today. heres what I did with one of them......

Heres the helmet fresh out the packaging....



And here it is after about 3 hours of masking and spraying.......oh and I drilled it out too. I also have a visor but I cant put it on untill after I shoot the clear on it.....



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Clever layout again! That's a very pretty blue. Earlier you wrote Orian Blue....I'm not seeing that anywhere. (or Orion Blue). Is it a HOK color? Google came up with a 50'S CADDY COLOR...???

I apologize if I stated the wrong color but the paint is Oriental Blue and yes it is HOK.
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Got a one of the doors finished today will finish the other tomarrow also finished the helmet so I thought id show them to you. I hope you enjoy!

heres the door assembled note the window bolted onto the window frame ..... still have to clip the stems off ....



I did the panel in carbon fiber....


and the helmet with visor attached....



Cya again tomarrow........... B)

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Man ROM that door looks killer, I really like that smooth clean circular cut for the opening to the door latch. Care to share with us how you made the cut so precise?

Wasnt hard Bart I just drew a dot on the window the size I needed with a black sharpie, then I used a drill bit in my dremel to punch a starter hole , then all I did was ream the hole out with the drill bit untill all the black ink was gone. Wahla ! instant access hole. B)
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Well fellas this one is a wrap! offically finished I just wanted to post a couple pics of it as it will be displayed. I wont be posting anymore on this build. there are some more pics of it in the "Under Glass" section http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=56574. thanks for joining me on this long journey and for all your support. im gonna take a break before I start my next project (which will be a 69 Camaro ProMod) Take care and I'll talk to ya soon.



under glass link: http://i179.photobuc...donedeal005.jpg

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