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'02 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra "Mystic"


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This one marks the first time I used the Rustoluem Colorshift paint on - she looks great! (expeicaly with future on top)

Mods - Mostly OOB with the exception of mag wheels from the 06 GT-H kit, and a custom supercharger setup





These pics are where you can see the true depth of the paint:



Chassis/engine shots:





Note: this dosen't dispect a REAL 1.1 Mystic Corba (which is a tad different from the regluar cobras), but rather a '99-03 Cobra someone customized wit a supercharger & other performance goodies, wheels, and the Preizmatic paint to save $40.000 on the real deal :):lol:B).

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Nice job! I love that color, I might have to try the future on my big rig I have that color when I get that far!

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Color looks great, and the 05+ Bullitts work with the car. I see the supercharger came from the 'Super Stallion' kit. Looks good overall; I will have to pick up a can of that color for later use!

As to Justins comment, the Cobra wasn't produced in 2002 as they didn't see the need, as the 2003-04 'Terminator' Cobra plans had been leaked and figured the sales of the '02 model would be abysmal (who wants a 320hp N/A car when a 395hp Supercharged car is only one more year away).

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TNX guys fer your comments; just wish this one got more replies then being abandoned like all my other builds previuosly posted.

Thanks for correcting me on the Mystic Cobra Whale392. If you notice i'm not very good with remembering some of the later model stangs and etc.

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