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Porsche GT3 Cup -- Kelly Moss Racing


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Been looking to do this car for a while now. Love the clean paint job and nasty green color on it. I started the body work a day ago and I think I am making good progress.

If anyone knows how to make the Patron GT3 CUP Number plate please let me know I would love to add that to this car...

The Goal..


Started with Fujimi GT3 RSR..



Holes to start the cut out for the vents...


Vents are out !! looks so much better !!



Some little things painted up.



More to Come...

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Interesting. Most people don't even know who Kelly Moss Racing even is.

I do personally, it was what my dad's shop spawned into, he planted the seeds for it anyway, and I know Kathy Kelly and Richard Moskalik. I don't think they are involved anymore but they did get the Stone brothers going.

I have heard about this car, the Green Hornet, they call it.

I have been waiting for this kit for awhile.

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more pics...!!

Paint is done... now decals and clear !


Dash is done... going to hang the wheel from the cage with wires...


some roll cage details...


inside is done...some wiring...some detail and carbon fiber door panels...turned out ok I think ...


under side and engine is done..


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This should give you what you need to work with for the Patron number part. If you know anyone who's familiar with graphics programs, all you need to do is add the 33 and put a green border around it. Obviously, you'll need to flop the position of the logo graphic to face the opposite side for the hood (and probably the driver door). Just print to scale on white decal paper. Or you may just want to print it out on white paper to reduce the effect of the paint underneath making the white part darker.


You can use these elements to build the windshield graphic.


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