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1938 Ford ambulance

Sam Cates

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I finally got away from life long enough to get back to the bench for a bit, started back up with a couple simple builds I had going before. This is the RM 1937 Ford Panel Delivery kit with the new Revell '38 front end. Engine is almost fully detailed, roof lights and siren are resin parts.






Hope everyone likes it, feel free to comment!

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Freakin' sweet! That is so clean and just spot on.

Bear, Those were used as paddy wagons by St Louis for several model years. The Police Library had pics in the archives.

They were black, and get this, had a bell mounted over the radiator. The pull cord ran back across the hood and went through a hole drilled in the windshield frame. The only other mod I recall wwere windows cut in the sides of the body behind the driver's compartment. Those were covered with a heavy screen and two horizontal steel bars.


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Nice ambulance. The lights and siren look perfect painted being its a military Ambulance and the build is nice and clean. good job!

I bought that kit with the idea of doing it as an ambulance. I still might, I dunno... Yours looks great.

Thanks guys! I see Chris that you are into the ambulance stuff, where do you get the resin kits? I would like to build a few more.

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