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Calling all General Lee Fans - revised

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It would be interesting to see what y'all think are excellent builds of the General Lee, done by those who took the plastic kits and got it right, and why. Links and detailed images are good. I think this would be of interest to all past, present and potential General Lee builders.

I somewhat agree with you, general-lee speaking.

(Emoticon indicating 'we're having fun with punny words' here.)

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Silly Question.

With Soo many GL builds, what about Roscoes, Enos, Boss Hogs,Uncle Jesse, Cooters, Etc..

Another Question, What did Enoes drive when he had his own show??

I do recall some Bolt on Injectors stacks on the hood.

BTW: I'm just finishing up first Season DVD of DOH :P

Enos had a Chevy Nova- with Edelbrock headers

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Huh? :blink:

Another contestant in the Indecipherable/Inscrutable Posters & Miscreants Section of the D'OH cult (also known as IPMS-D'OH!).

Prize to the first person to successfully insert proper punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and family-compatible content, thus translating the passage into something usable.

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I'm not sore who is worst, the other member trying so hard to brake the habit or Harry braking his own boss's rule with just posting a smiley icon himself. (LOL)

I'm doing my dang-est also to not post a smiley myself in my reply's.

Or the dude breaking the rules of spelling. Do all your reply have possessions? :)

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I kind of outgrew watching DOH when I was 12...haven't seen it since then. But I did build the MPC 1:25th and 1:16th scale Chargers and the other kits (Jeep, Cooter's Tow Truck, police car) back in the early '80s...the 1:16th Charger was dissapointing as it was a race car kit w/ a stockish body. Oh well.

As an adult years later I realized MPC was just reusing existing tooling for all of these kits (with some new parts), but as a kid the one kit I wished they had done but didn't do was the Boss Hogg Caddy convertible.

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