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'55 Chevy Cameo Flatbed

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Mods: Scratchbuilt the bed and overhead bar, added lightbars ontop, compartment boxes under the frame, and mudflaps (w/licence plate). Streched the frame with a spare one from another Cameo kit, and added suspension units from a '93 Caprice (front) and a peterbilt 359 (rear axle w/ airbags). wheels are from the revell 70's GMC wrecker snap kit with front tires from the aftermentioned caprice kit (rears are what came with the wrecker).

This was the '57 Chevy P/U street machine (as per the engine and sidepipes), but I had extra parts from a '55 Cameo, so i used those parts to backdate it to the older model (which I like better stylewise).

Paint is Valspar Yellow cleared with future and polished with toothpaste.





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As per the NEW 5-photo rule, more pics on this next post:




BTW, if anybody has been expereinceing problems with photobucket (which i have), the problem is that all the (rather susgestive and outright dumb) ads that play on the site, which 99.97% of the time cause it to jam up to the point where I have to close everything out, reopen and reupload EVERYTHING AGAIN!!!!! IT IS SO ******* ANNOYING!! (took me an hour to post this; yeah thats how bad it was)

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