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1969 Z/28(Old Monogram Tooling)

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I built this Camaro a few months back while recovering from my 3rd spinal fusion.I have several more from the last few months that I will be posting.

This kit is the old Monogram tooling.I know this kit is not as detailed as the newer Revell tooling,but I've always liked this kit.The paint is Testors Icy Blue laquer with a coat of Future for a clear coat.The trim and Emblems were done with Bare Metal Foil.

The following parts were either aftermarket or borrowed from other kits:

Blower is from the Monogram Midnight Z kit

Electric fan is from Morgan Automotive Details

Radiator is from a Revell NASCAR kit

Spark plug wires are Radio Shack 30 g wire and the boots are made from telephone wire

Headers are from the Revell 1969 Nova kit

The carbs and scoop are from the parts box

The wheels and front tires are from the AMT 1966 Chevy II Nova Pro Street kit

The slicks are from a Revell Nascar Kit

The exhaust are Supertrapp style mufflers from the Revell 1967 Pro Street Chevelle

Thank's for looking,






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This thing is badass. I like this model kit as well. Only needs some more detail added in the right places. Don't care if the proportions are not exact. Don't you wish 1:24 was the standard size? So much easier to detail.

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not a big camaro fan but this thing is a beast

any under carriage shots ?

i'd like to see what rolling stock goes with that blower

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Very nice job to a decent kit. I bought one a couple years ago for the Spyder wheels only. Used the hood to make a cowl hood on for a 76 Chevy Pickup I started as a kid , which I just finished. Been wondering what to do with tHIS model, yours gives me a direction to with it.

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Great job on this one !! I have always liked this kit and have built 4-5 of them and this body fits on the pro-stock chassis very well for more options.


Just about done with this one... just have to add some details to the engine...

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