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1932 Ford 5W Coupe 231 B/A: Green is Mean!

Dennis Lacy

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This Revell-based coupe was built as part of community build challenge on another forum where the subject consisted of 4 kit choices, one of them being the Revell ‘32 5W. This car is largely box stock and enhanced by stripping many of the chrome components and paint-detailing them. Originally I was not going to chop the top for the sake of a quick & easy build but the urge overwhelmed me and I’m glad I did! I also dared to be different with a modified and supercharged take on the kits often rejected small block Ford engine. Tried to get interior shots but it’s a no-go with the chopped top.

Chassis: Kit stock with additional lowering of front and rear axles. All chrome stripped and paint detailed in silver and various shades of black. Kit American Mag wheels stripped and paint detailed with Armstrong bias-ply front tires from Lindberg ‘34 Pickup and AMT Goodyear slicks out back. Optional MOON auxiliary front fuel tank stripped and painted.

Engine: Kit small block Ford engine. Modified intake manifold with AMT ‘57 Chevy supercharger and 4-bbl carburetor. Modified kit pulleys/belt with parts box supercharger pulleys/belt. COBRA valve covers from Revell ‘26 T Sedan / Touring. Kit headers stripped and painted white. Engine painted Tamiya Light Gunmetal with various shades of metallizers on intake, supercharger, carburetor and pulleys topped with black wash.

Body: Kit body chopped 3/16” with an additional 1/32” cut at A-pillars. Optional kit solid grill panel, multi-row louvered hood sides and deck lid, nerf bar bumpers at front with additional pair from second kit at rear. Painted Tamiya British Green with Tamiya Racing White grill panel and firewall. Kit supplied 231 B/A decals with grill and firewall decals from Revell ‘32 Sedan.

Interior: Optional ‘40 dash, ‘40 steering wheel and floor mount shifter. Dash painted Tamiya Gloss Black, seat and side panels painted Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black and Tamiya Racing White with semi-gloss clear coat.





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Impeccably done, with really exceptional stance and proportions. Those familiar with your work will immediately recognize the signature, subdued semi-monochrome color scheme. Nice take on the Ford mill, too. Great taste in parts box diving... Bravo! :angry::(

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It's cool! That Blower engine looks nice. It's great that there's no hole on that hood, so everything fits under that. Colors are nice and I like the paintjob. Stance is also great. Keep these coming. ;)

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That is one of the most outstanding Deuces I have seen on here ever and that is saying a lot considering the quality of the work posted on this forum. Two thumbs up and five stars from me. If I may make one small suggestion, it would be to work on the hood fit to be rid of the slight bend in the body line at the hood/cowl junction. It may require raising the front of the body slightly or dropping the grille shell a tad. Still a great build just like it is.


Edit: I also like the mix of small block Ford with what looks to be a Scott blower. Truly unique mill in this one.

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Thank you for all of the replies, everyone, they are very much appreciated! One of my goals with this build was to actually USE the kit provided small block Ford engine as I normally discard it for something vintage. With that in mind, I wanted to not only use the engine but give it a convincing vintage appearance. From the sound of all of your wonderful replies I have accomplished that. I also wanted to be a little different when it came to color. I think I've only seen one other Revell '32 5W painted dark green and it was full fendered.

Also, no one mentioned it but I was aware when I applied the 231 B/A decals that they are not correct for this car, I just like the look of them! One way I could always sell them is that this is a modern rebuild of an old hotrod that once was drag raced as a B/A and the numbers and class were re-applied to remember the cars past.

Thanks again!

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