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Plymouth 426 Hemi GTX Convertible


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Hallo everybody,

today i want to show you a kit out of my category "hate the kit". Its the 1969 Plymouth GTX from amt "byers choice" and the first plan was, to wreck it and put it without front on my junkyard.

Work in progress (planed to cut the front, hood was fixed), i was looking for the color i would like to paint, if is real to get for this car, i found this one:


...with a interesting story:

Just 16 HEMI-equipped GTX convertibles were built in 1969, and this is one of them. It hasn’t had a restoration since the 1980’s though, and as such it is far from perfect. It is however numbers matching, the seller claims. We have no reason not to believe the seller, though if you’re going to plunk down $275,000 (the asking price) blink.png you might want to do your homework first. This is one of those rare muscle cars that might surface just a few times in a lifetime, so if you’re a serious collector you might want to get on top of this one. WOW! What a price!

Changed my planes. I changed the grill and rear bumper from my other GTX, sanded the quarterpanels, wired the engine and thats the result:


The hood is fixed - thats the result of the earlier idea with missing front...

More pics:


a look inside...


...then i changed the Stickshift with a scratch-made and overhauled the mirror...

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and a look under the hood:


And from top:


At the end i will say: i like it! And this car building had made a lot of fun. perfect fitting!

Thanks for your attention, comments always welcome ;)

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Just 16 HEMI-equipped GTX convertibles were built in 1969,

Yeah, and a neighbor of mine back in the 80's owned one of them. He told me the same story, I just didn't believe that fact. One day he no longer had it and he told me some "guido" he'd never heard of from New Jersey called him at home offering $45-thousand, which at that time was the price of his house. He got spooked at the idea strangers knew who he was and where he lived and what he had in his garage, that he felt it was too hot to keep when all he really wanted was a nice Mopar. He sold it at auction.

That's an excellent clean build Dom, nice work. If it was white on blue it would've been exactly like my neighbor's.

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cool gtx my dad almost bought one before but my uncle talked him out of it. and said that he would just park it up a tree and the car has problems of it breakin down and stuff. but my dad really wanted to put it in a car museam. and make alot of cash off of it instead. and also my uncle was lying to him any way and he never bough the car. but any way your gtx looks very though. B)

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Thanks a lot for comments and storys about other GTX in familiy or neighborhood - incredibly.

does this kit have any fit issues?

No Liam - it is easy to build.

How could you ever Hate this kit?

Well, if ya still hate the car, ya can send it my way ;):lol:

Just kidding - meanwhile i like it. It was the cover on the box, was so awful. Dirty yellow with white interior - terrible.

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