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Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 - 1982


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Ho everybody,

here i show you a fast build. Also this kit has a story: it was the first Kit, my brother build loooong time ago and i became one simular kit for less in june this year.

Only the wheels where missing and i took wheels from a 66 Chevelle Station "California Wheels". To make it complete, i took some brakedisc from a Ford Focus for a real look

Take a look.





Interieur and engine is all stock. simple and nice look, i think.

Thanks for your attention, ;)

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Thank you for kind words.

Yes Lee, you are right with this: the licenseplate is custom made.

I work with ACME-Licensemaker in the web, print it on highgloss photopaper and put in on the kit. There one day i took the time to make a complete paper full of plates to have one for each kit in the shelf and upcoming projekts (like Movie cars for example).....I like selfmade plates more, because they fit to the car if there is a 1:1 car i rebuild or to tell a little bit about them. don't like the decalplates.

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